HS7.3 | PICO

Hydroclimatic conditions and the availability of water resources in space and time constitute important factors for maintaining an adequate food supply, the quality of the environment, and the welfare of inhabitants, in the context of sustainable growth and economic development. This session is designed to explore the impacts of hydroclimatic variability, climate change, and the temporal and spatial availability of water resources on: food production, population health, the quality of the environment, and the welfare of local ecosystems. We particularly welcome submissions on the following topics:

Complex inter-linkages between hydroclimatic conditions, food production, and population health, including: extreme weather events, surface and subsurface water resources, surface temperatures, and their impacts on food security, livelihoods, and water- and food-borne illnesses in urban and rural environments.

Quantitative assessment of surface-water and groundwater resources, and their contribution to agricultural system and ecosystem statuses.

Spatiotemporal modeling of the availability of water resources, flooding, droughts, and climate change, in the context of water quality and usage for food production, agricultural irrigation, and health impacts over a wide range of spatiotemporal scales

Intelligent infrastructure for water usage, irrigation, environmental and ecological health monitoring, such as development of advanced sensors, remote sensing, data collection, and associated modeling approaches.

Modelling tools for organizing integrated solutions for water, precision agriculture, ecosystem health monitoring, and characterization of environmental conditions.

Water re-allocation and treatment for agricultural, environmental, and health related purposes.

Impact assessment of water-related natural disasters, and anthropogenic forcings (e.g. inappropriate agricultural practices, and land usage) on the natural environment; e.g. health impacts from water and air, fragmentation of habitats, etc.

Co-organized as CL4.41/ERE8.7/NH1.21/NP9.5
Convener: George Christakos | Co-conveners: Alin Andrei Carsteanu, Andreas Langousis, Hwa-Lung Yu
| Mon, 08 Apr, 14:00–18:00
PICO spot 5b

Monday, 8 April 2019

PICO spot 5b
Chairperson: Hwa-Lung Yu and Andreas Langousis
14:00–14:02 |
PICO5b.1 |
Teresa Hooks, Geertje Schuitema, and Frank McDermott
14:06–14:08 |
PICO5b.4 |
chenlu Li and Xiaoxu Wu
14:08–14:10 |
PICO5b.5 |
Mengchieh Tsai and Hwa-Lung Yu
14:10–14:12 |
PICO5b.6 |
Jaewon Jung, Jungwook Kim, Daegun Han, and Hung Soo Kim
14:14–14:16 |
PICO5b.8 |
Jungwook Kim, Jaewon Jung, Daegun Han, and Hung Soo Kim
14:16–14:18 |
PICO5b.9 |
Miina Porkka, Lan Wang-Erlandsson, Georgia Destouni, Annica M. L. Ekman, Johan Rockström, and Line J. Gordon
14:18–14:20 |
PICO5b.10 |
Yujie Liu, Chen Qiaomin, Ge Quansheng, and Pan Tao
14:20–14:22 |
PICO5b.11 |
Maria Elena Orduna Alegria, Niels Schütze, and Dev Niyogi
Coffee break
Chairperson: Andreas Langousis and Hwa-Lung Yu
16:15–16:17 |
PICO5b.1 |
Johanna Englhardt, Hester Biemans, Hessel Winsemius, and Philip J. Ward
16:17–16:19 |
PICO5b.2 |
Daegun Han, Jungwook Kim, Jaewon Jung, and Hung Soo Kim
16:19–16:21 |
PICO5b.3 |
Yu-Min Fu, Yu-Chen Hsu, and Hung-Pin Huang
16:21–16:23 |
PICO5b.4 |
Po-Yen Liu and Hung-Pin Huang
16:23–16:25 |
PICO5b.5 |
Kan-Sheng Hsu, Shao-Yiu Hsu, Yi-Zhih Tsai, Shu-I Lin, and Hwa-Lung Yu
16:25–16:27 |
PICO5b.6 |
Chia-Hung Hung and Hwa-Lung Yu
16:27–16:29 |
PICO5b.7 |
Yu-Jen Hou and Hung-Pin Huang
16:31–16:33 |
PICO5b.9 |
Yen-Tzu Lin and Hung-Pin Huang
16:33–16:35 |
PICO5b.10 |
Tai-Yi Liu and Ming-Che Hu
Water quality and quantity