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The study of the ionized and neutral atmosphere reveals to be an efficient diagnostic tool to understand the interaction among the geospheres and the impact of the solar wind on the Earth. Any variation from the expected behaviour can be helpful to identify various forcing mechanisms originated from below and above. The vertical coupling in the atmosphere involves the influence of the upper atmospheric layers on climate and the response of the ionosphere to the modification of neutral atmosphere chemistry and dynamics. An exacerbation in the space weather conditions, in turn, can cause changes in the neutral composition and in the electron density structuring. In addition, natural hazards, such as tsunami, earthquakes, thunderstorms can produce atmospheric acoustic gravity waves that result in electron density perturbations in the ionosphere.
The broad availability of instruments on board satellites and hosted at ground opens new opportunities of multi-disciplinary and multi-instruments collaboration to advance the current understanding in the field.
This session welcomes observational, theoretical, and modeling contributions on atmospheric irregularities to identify the coupling mechanisms within the atmosphere, between the atmosphere and the lithosphere, and between the atmosphere and the geospace.

Co-organized as AS4.54
Convener: Lucilla Alfonsi | Co-conveners: Elvira Astafyeva, Naomi Maruyama, Jøran I. Moen
| Fri, 12 Apr, 16:15–18:00
PICO spot 4

Friday, 12 April 2019

PICO spot 4
Chairperson: Lucilla Alfonsi
16:15–16:25 |
PICO4.1 |
| Highlight
Hiroatsu Sato, Jun Su Kim, Norbert Jakowski, and Ingemar Häggström
Chairperson: Lucilla Alfonsi
16:25–16:27 |
PICO4.2 |
Alan Wood, Gareth Dorrian, Lander Bennewith, and Golnaz Shahtahmassebi
Chairperson: Lucilla Alfonsi
16:27–16:29 |
PICO4.3 |
Luca Spogli, Vincenzo Romano, Claudio Cesaroni, Giorgiana De Franceschi, and Ingrid Hunstad
Chairperson: Lucilla Alfonsi
16:29–16:31 |
PICO4.4 |
| Highlight
Juliana Damaceno, Jon Bruno, Karl Bolmgren, Cathryn Mitchell, and Giorgiana De Franceschi
Chairperson: Lucilla Alfonsi
16:31–16:33 |
PICO4.5 |
Sharon Aol, Stephan Buchert, and Edward Jurua
Chairperson: Lucilla Alfonsi
16:33–16:35 |
PICO4.6 |
Kacper Kotulak, Adam Froń, Andrzej Krankowski, Irina Zakharenkova, and Iurii Cherniak
Chairperson: Lucilla Alfonsi
16:35–16:37 |
PICO4.7 |
| solicited
Antti Salminen, Timo Asikainen, Ville Maliniemi, and Kalevi Mursula
Chairperson: Lucilla Alfonsi
16:37–16:39 |
PICO4.8 |
Sujay Pal, Arnab Sen, Sushanta Kumar Mondal, Yasuhide Hobara, and Subrata Kumar Midya
Chairperson: Lucilla Alfonsi
Chairperson: Lucilla Alfonsi
16:41–16:43 |
PICO4.10 |
Delineation of multiple ground sources based on the ensuing co-seismic ionospheric perturbations during the Mw 9.0, 11 March 2011 Japan Tohoku Earthquake
Mala Bagiya, Elvira Astafyeva, Dhanya Thomas, Poikail Sukumaran Sunil, and Durbha Sai Ramesh
Chairperson: Lucilla Alfonsi
16:43–16:45 |
PICO4.11 |
Jae Lee and Dong Wu
Chairperson: Lucilla Alfonsi
16:45–16:47 |
PICO4.12 |
Dimitry Pokhotelov, Gunter Stober, and Jorge L. Chau
Chairperson: Lucilla Alfonsi
16:47–16:49 |
PICO4.13 |
Rose Tseng, Michelle Kanipe, Brian Urbancic, Omar Nava, Robert Tournay, Robert Loper, Daniel Emmons, and Charlton Lewis