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Understanding the evolution of firn is important for several reasons. Firstly, knowing the depth and the age of firn at pore close-off, and how these change through time, is essential for accurate interpretations of climate records from ice cores. Second, converting spaceborne measurements of volume change into mass change requires estimates of firn thickness and density changes through time. Finally, recent work has demonstrated the importance of meltwater retention in firn in buffering the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets’ contribution to sea level. Although the spatial and temporal scales of these problems vary, they are united by a common need to understand the underlying physics of firn and its evolution.

We invite contributions on the subject of firn and firn evolution on all temporal and spatial scales. These may include: advances in measurements or observations of firn and firn processes at the microscale (e.g. microstructural studies) or macroscale (e.g. compaction measurements) and all types of firn modelling. We are particularly interested in assessments of uncertainty based on firn modelling and observations and work demonstrating important directions for future firn research.

Convener: C. Max Stevens | Co-conveners: Amber Leeson, Anais Orsi, Baptiste Vandecrux
| Tue, 09 Apr, 08:30–10:15
PICO spot 4

Tuesday, 09 April 2019

PICO spot 4
08:30–08:40 |
PICO4.1 |
Elizabeth Morris and Lynn Montgomery
08:40–08:42 |
PICO4.2 |
Lynn Montgomery and Lora Koenig
08:42–08:44 |
PICO4.3 |
Vincent Verjans
08:44–08:46 |
PICO4.4 |
Ruth Mottram, Martin Olesen, Peter Langen, Robert Fausto, and Baptiste Vandecrux and the RetMIP Contributing Modelling Groups
08:46–08:48 |
PICO4.5 |
Brooke Medley, Thomas Neumann, Jay Zwally, Benjamin Smith, and C. Max Stevens
08:48–08:50 |
PICO4.6 |
Henning Löwe, Matthias Jaggi, Margret Matzl, Martin Schneebeli, Ghislain Picard, Laurent Arnaud, and Amaelle Landais
08:50–08:52 |
PICO4.7 |
Marlene Kronenberg, Horst Machguth, and Martin Hoelzle
08:52–08:54 |
PICO4.8 |
Kévin Fourteau, Patricia Martinerie, Xavier Faïn, Christoph Schaller, Rebecca Tuckwell, Henning Löwe, Johannes Freitag, Robert Mulvaney, Martin Schneebeli, and Vladimir Lipenkov
08:54–08:56 |
PICO4.9 |
Deep firn structure influenced by horizontal ice flow during burial in Greenland's percolation zone
Toby Meierbachtol, Joel Harper, Rosie Leone, and Neil Humphrey
08:56–08:58 |
PICO4.10 |
Annika N. Horlings, Knut Christianson, Edwin D. Waddington, C. Max Stevens, and Nicholas Holschuh
08:58–09:00 |
PICO4.11 |
Takuto Ando, Yoshinori Iizuka, Mai Shibata, Sumito Matoba, Shin Sugiyama, Satoru Adachi, Satoru Yamaguchi, Koji Fujita, Akira Hori, Masashi Niwano, Teruo Aoki, and Shuji Fujita
09:00–09:02 |
PICO4.12 |
Maurine Montagnat, Henning Löwe, Martin Schneebeli, Neige Calonne, Matthias Jaggi, and Margret Matzl
09:02–09:04 |
PICO4.13 |
Brita I. Horlings, Kaitlin Keegan, Edwin D. Waddington, Mary R. Albert, and Zoe Courville
09:04–09:06 |
PICO4.14 |
Firn Microstructure of a South Pole Shallow Core
Kaitlin Keegan, Mary R. Albert, Zoe Courville, Brita I. Horlings, and C. Max Stevens
09:06–09:08 |
PICO4.15 |
Edwin D Waddington, C Max Stevens, Brita I Horlings, Annika N Horlings, Knut Christianson, Howard Conway, David A Lilien, Tyler J Fudge, Michelle R Koutnik, Kaitlin Keegan, Mary R Albert, Zoe Courville, Erich C Osterberg, Robert L Hawley, David Clemens-Sewall, and Carlos Martin