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Heat extremes are already one of the deadliest meteorological events and they are projected to increase in intensity and frequency due to rising CO2 emissions. Thus the risk these events pose to society may increase dramatically and society will need to adapt if the worst impacts are to be avoided. However, uncertainties for understanding the development of extreme heat episodes and their impacts remain large. This session therefore aims to address this challenge, welcoming research which improves our understanding of extreme heat events and how to respond to them. Suitable contributions in this regard may: (i) assess the drivers and underlying processes of extreme heat in observations and models; (ii) explore the diverse socio-economic impacts of extreme heat events (for example, on aspects relating to human health or economic productivity); (iii) address forecasting of extreme heat at seasonal to sub-seasonal time scales; (iv) focus on societal adaptation to extreme heat, including (but not limited to) the implementation of Heat-Health Early Warning Systems.

Co-organized as AS4.31
Convener: Tom Matthews | Co-conveners: Ana Casanueva, Colin Raymond, Martha Marie Vogel
| Mon, 08 Apr, 10:45–12:30
PICO spot 1

Monday, 08 April 2019

PICO spot 1
10:45–10:47 |
PICO1.1 |
ECOSTRESS thermal data reveals fine scale spatio-temporal variations of urban heat for improving future sustainability of cities
(withdrawn after no-show)
Glynn Hulley and Sarah Shivers
10:47–10:49 |
PICO1.2 |
Francisco Pastor, Elisabeth K. Larsen, and Jose Luis Palau
10:49–10:51 |
PICO1.3 |
Evaluating the Contribution of Land-Atmosphere Coupling to Heat Extremes in CMIP5 Models
(withdrawn after no-show)
Anna Ukkola, Andy Pitman, Markus Donat, Martin De Kauwe, and Oliver Angelil
10:51–10:53 |
PICO1.4 |
Annkatrin Burgstall, Ana Casanueva, Sven Kotlarski, Regula Gehrig, and Cornelia Schwierz
10:53–10:55 |
PICO1.5 |
| Highlight
Jianfeng Li and Yongqin David Chen
10:57–10:59 |
PICO1.7 |
Pinya Wang and Jianping Tang
10:59–11:01 |
PICO1.8 |
Diego G. Miralles, Dominik Schumacher, Jessica Keune, Chiel van Heerwaarden, Jordi Vilà-Guerau de Arellano, Pierre Gentine, Sonia I. Seneviratne, and Adriaan Teuling
11:01–11:03 |
PICO1.9 |
João L. Geirinhas, Ricardo M. Trigo, Renata Libonati, Pedro M. Sousa, Lucas C.O Castro, Ana Russo, Caio A.S Coelho, Leonardo F. Peres, and Mônica de Avelar F.M. Magalhães
11:03–11:05 |
PICO1.10 |
| Highlight
Sabine Undorf, Kathleen Allen, Joseph Hagg, Marc J. Metzger, and Simon F. B. Tett
11:05–11:07 |
PICO1.11 |
Rahul Kumar and Vimal Mishra
11:07–11:09 |
PICO1.12 |
Sae-Rim Yeo
11:09–11:11 |
PICO1.13 |
| Highlight
Steffen Lohrey, Camilo Mora, and Felix Creutzig
11:11–11:13 |
PICO1.14 |
Shashi Gaurav Kumar, Ajanta Goswami, and Rohit Kumar
11:13–11:15 |
PICO1.15 |
Fahad Saeed and Carl-friedrich Schleussner