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Hydrology relies strongly on heterogeneous data sets and a multitude of computational models. However, several challenges remain in order to obtain all information from the data and model results and, at the same time, carry out scientific work that is reproducible and repeatable.

Data collection is generally the first step in the scientific process, but collecting spatially and temporally dense data sets can be challenging, especially in extreme environments, such as dry, humid or cold areas. Therefore, environmental data sets are often sparse and do not allow us to fully understand the hydrological and associated environmental processes dominant in these areas. Therefore, innovative ideas are needed to build methods able to extract information from the available data and make use of the many signatures in the observations that are still to be explored.

On the other hand, an increasing amount of heterogenous data becomes available from diverse sources such as remote sensing, social media or citizen science. Platforms and tools are needed to interpret such data, identify and understand patterns, trends, and uncertainty and to draw conclusions and implications from data-driven research. New methods for data visualization can be a pivotal for our ability to make new sense of heterogeneous data and to communicate complex datasets and findings in an appropriate way to other researchers and the public.

Eventually, the full scientific process should be open, reproducible and repeatable. Many data sets contain a wide range of derived variables that cannot be easily re-computed from the raw data, either because the raw data is not available or because the computational steps are not adequately described. As a result, very few published results in hydrology are reproducible for the general reader. However, more and more software tools and platforms are becoming available to support open science, partly as a result of collaborations between software experts and hydrologists.

This session invites contributions on topics ranging from data collection and visualization to sharing model code and reproducible workflows, e.g.:

- Platforms and tools for improved data visualization, open science, scientific collaboration and/or communication with a larger audience
- Use of innovative data and data collection techniques, with a focus on data sparse environments
- Case studies illustrating challenges and solutions related to open science
- Innovative types of data and their visualizations

This session is organized in cooperation with the Young Hydrologic Society (youngHS.com).

Co-organized as EOS8.1/GM2.16
Convener: Remko C. Nijzink | Co-conveners: Jonathan Dick, Sebastian Gnann, Stan Schymanski, Lina Stein, Fi-John Chang
| Fri, 12 Apr, 08:30–12:30
PICO spot 5b

Friday, 12 April 2019

PICO spot 5b
Chairperson: Lina Stein
08:30–08:40 |
PICO5b.1 |
Rolf Hut, Niels Drost, Nick van de Giesen, Ben van Werkhoven, Jerom Aerts, Inti Pelupessy, Berend Weel, Yifat Dzigan, Martine de Vos, Stefan Verhoeven, Gijs van den Oord, Ronald van Haren, Janneke van der Zwaan, and Maarten van Meersbergen
08:40–08:42 |
PICO5b.2 |
Thorsten Wagener, Francesca Pianosi, and Tom Gleeson
08:42–08:44 |
PICO5b.3 |
Xuan Yu, Anna Lamačová, Lele Shu, Christopher Duffy, Pavel Krám, Jakub Hruška, Tim White, and Kairong Lin
08:44–08:46 |
PICO5b.4 |
Riccardo Rigon, Marialaura Bancheri, Francesco Serafin, Michele Bottazzi, Niccolò Tubini, and Giovanna Dalpiaz
08:46–08:48 |
PICO5b.5 |
Louise Slater, Guillaume Thirel, Shaun Harrigan, Olivier Delaigue, Alexander Hurley, Abdou Khouakhi, Ilaria Prodoscimi, and Claudia Vitolo
08:48–08:50 |
PICO5b.6 |
Rico Kronenberg, Lisa Marie Oehlschlägel, Christian Bernhofer, and Thanh Thi Luong
08:50–08:52 |
PICO5b.7 |
Towards an automatic and open data based generation of city-wide building information models
Maikel Issermann and Fi-John Chang
08:52–08:54 |
PICO5b.8 |
Remko C. Nijzink, Jason Beringer, Lindsay Hutley, Rok Roskar, and Stan Schymanski
08:54–08:56 |
PICO5b.9 |
Marco Dal Molin, Mario Schirmer, and Fabrizio Fenicia
08:56–08:58 |
PICO5b.10 |
Sandra Pool and Jan Seibert
08:58–09:00 |
PICO5b.11 |
Gaby Gründemann, Micha Werner, and Ted Veldkamp
09:00–09:02 |
PICO5b.12 |
Petra Hulsman, Markus Hrachowitz, and Hubert Savenije
09:02–09:04 |
PICO5b.13 |
Yanlai Zhou, Chong-Yu Xu, Shenglian Guo, Fi-John Chang, Hong Li, and Cosmo Ngongondo
Coffee break
Chairperson: Remko Nijzink
10:45–10:55 |
PICO5b.1 |
Wouter Buytaert, Sam Grainger, Boris F Ochoa Tocachi, Javier Antiporta, and Art Dewulf
10:55–10:57 |
PICO5b.2 |
Vivian Juliette Cortes Arevalo, Laura N.H. Verbrugge, Marcela Brugnach, Anneke Sools, Rik Wolterink, Pepijn van Denderen, Jasper Candel, and Suzanne Hulscher
10:57–10:59 |
PICO5b.3 |
Pierre Brigode, Olivier Delaigue, Guillaume Thirel, and Laurent Coron
10:59–11:01 |
PICO5b.4 |
Camelia Eliza Telteu, Hannes Müller Schmied, Simon Newland Gosling, Wim Thiery, Yadu Pokhrel, Manolis Grillakis, Aristeidis Koutroulis, Yusuke Satoh, Yoshihide Wada, Julien Boulange, Lauren Paige Seaby, Tobias Stacke, Xingcai Liu, Agnès Ducharne, Guoyong Leng, Peter Burek, Tim Trautmann, Jacob Schewe, Fang Zhao, Inga Menke, and Anatolii Shmurak
11:01–11:03 |
PICO5b.5 |
Siling Chen, Florian Hanzer, and Kristian Förster
11:03–11:05 |
PICO5b.6 |
Raoul Collenteur, Mark Bakker, and Ruben Caljé
11:05–11:07 |
PICO5b.7 |
Li-Chiu Chang, Wu-Han Wang, and Fi-John Chang
11:07–11:09 |
PICO5b.8 |
Ibrahim Mohammed, Spencer McDonald, John Bolten, Sarva Pulla, Chinaporn Meechaiya, Amanda (Weigel) Markert, Jim Nelson, Raghavan Srinivasan, and Venkat Lakshmi
11:09–11:11 |
PICO5b.9 |
Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa, Saulo Castro, Kati Laakso, and Monica Sawchyn
11:11–11:13 |
PICO5b.10 |
Jan Schwanbeck, Alain Bühlmann, Martin Barben, and Rolf Weingartner
11:13–11:15 |
PICO5b.11 |
Marcus Strobl, Sibylle Hassler, Elnaz Azmi, Mirko Mälicke, Jörg Meyer, and Erwin Zehe
11:15–11:17 |
PICO5b.12 |
Berit Arheimer, Frida Gyllensvärd, and Marilyn Menezes Lomba
11:17–11:19 |
PICO5b.13 |
Pierluigi Claps, Daniele Ganora, Susanna Grasso, and Andrea Libertino
11:19–11:21 |
PICO5b.14 |
Gemma Coxon, Nans Addor, John Bloomfield, Jim Freer, Matt Fry, Jamie Hannaford, Nicholas Howden, Chris Jackson, Emma Robinson, Thorsten Wagener, and Ross Woods
11:21–11:23 |
PICO5b.15 |
Lindsay Beevers, Annie Visser, Lila Collet, Katie Smith, Guiseppe Formetta, Niko Wanders, Stephan Thorber, Ming Pan, and Rohini Kumar