CL4.11 | PICO

South America is home to hundreds of millions of people and harbors a wide range of unique and valuable ecosystems and resources. This makes South America, which extends from the tropics to high southern latitudes, vulnerable to a diverse range of climate change impacts. For example, future climate change scenarios suggest tropical South America is a drought hotspot due to its high sensitivity in responding to warming and drying. Thus, it is of great scientific, societal, environmental, and economic interest to better understand how climate varies and is changing over South America.

This session seeks contributions from a wide range of topics focusing on climate research over South America. Topics include, but are not limited to: climate change, climate variability, and extreme events in the past, present, and future using diagnostic, modeling, and statistical approaches.

Co-organized as AS4.18
Convener: Paul Loikith | Co-conveners: Armineh Barkhordarian, C. Roberto Mechoso
| Thu, 11 Apr, 10:45–12:30
PICO spot 5a

Thursday, 11 April 2019

PICO spot 5a
Chairperson: Paul Loikith
10:45–10:47 |
PICO5a.1 |
Mengxi Wu and Jung-Eun Lee
Chairperson: Paul Loikith
10:47–10:49 |
PICO5a.2 |
Oliver Meseguer-Ruiz, Marina Hernández-Mora, Paulina Ponce-Philimon, and Pablo Sarricolea
Chairperson: Paul Loikith
10:49–10:51 |
PICO5a.3 |
Paul Loikith, Luana Albertani Pampuch, Emily Slinskey, Judah Detzer, Carlos Mechoso, and Armineh Barkhordarian
Chairperson: Paul Loikith
10:51–10:53 |
PICO5a.4 |
Valerie Thaler, Paul Loikith, Luana Albertani Pampuch, Judah Detzer, C Roberto Mechoso, and Armineh Barkhordarian
Chairperson: Paul Loikith
10:53–10:55 |
PICO5a.5 |
E. Hugo Berbery, Miguel Lovino, Omar Muller, and Gabriela Muller
Chairperson: Paul Loikith
10:55–10:57 |
PICO5a.6 |
Study of influences of frequent droughts on rainfall local recycling, productivity and vegetation structure in Amazonia
Luiz F. C. de Rezende, Celso von Randow, Iracema F. A. Cavalcanti, Aline A. Castro, Gilvan Sampaio, and Carlos A. Guimaraes Junior
Chairperson: Paul Loikith
10:57–10:59 |
PICO5a.7 |
Virgílio Bento, Renata Libonati, Célia Gouveia, and Carlos DaCamara
Chairperson: Paul Loikith
10:59–11:01 |
PICO5a.8 |
| Highlight
Aline Anderson de Castro, Celso von Randow, and Manoel Cardoso
Chairperson: Paul Loikith
11:01–11:03 |
PICO5a.9 |
Armineh Barkhordarian, Sassan S. Saatchi, Ali Behrangi, Paul C. Loikith, and Carlos R. Mechoso
Chairperson: Paul Loikith
11:03–11:05 |
PICO5a.10 |
Félix Rigoberto Guerrero Coronel and Diego Esteban Mora Serrano
Chairperson: Paul Loikith
11:05–11:07 |
PICO5a.11 |
Significant Losses in the Dry-Season Snow Cover in the central Andes (18°-41°S) driven by El Niño
Raul R. Cordero, Valentina Asencio, Sarah Feron, Alessandro Damiani, and Pedro Llanillo
Chairperson: Paul Loikith
11:07–11:09 |
PICO5a.12 |
Marcelo Somos-Valenzuela and Ivo Fustos
Chairperson: Paul Loikith
11:09–11:11 |
PICO5a.13 |
Joni Dehaspe, Christian Birkel, and René Capell
Chairperson: Paul Loikith
11:11–11:13 |
PICO5a.14 |
| presentation
Ariane Maurer, Katrin Sedlmeier, Michael Sprenger, Cornelia Schwierz, and Daniela Domeisen