PS5.1 | PICO

This session will cover instrumentation and measurement techniques for all aspects of space borne scientific sensors. The intention is to encourage a discussion between instrument scientists/engineers across the fields on the one hand and between these people and the data exploiting scientists on the other hand. We welcome contributions discussing new ideas and enabling technologies as well as reviews and presentations of instruments already in space or near launch. In addition, generic talks discussing design principles, miniaturisation, shared use of subsystems, component selection, instrument calibration etc. are most appreciated

Co-organized as GI3.23
Convener: Maike Brigitte Neuland | Co-conveners: David Mimoun, Kim Reh
| Thu, 11 Apr, 10:45–12:30
PICO spot 4

Thursday, 11 April 2019

PICO spot 4
Chairperson: Maike Brigitte Neuland
10:45–10:47 |
PICO4.1 |
Manuel Grande
Chairperson: Maike Brigitte Neuland
10:47–10:49 |
PICO4.2 |
Kamal Oudrhiri, Jason Williams, Norman Lay, Robert Shotwell, Robert Thompson, and Dustin Buccino
Chairperson: Maike Brigitte Neuland
10:49–10:51 |
PICO4.3 |
Saloomeh Shariati, Frederic Guattari, Jean-Jacques Bonnefois, Raphaël Garcia, David Mimoun, Joachim Wassermann, Felix Bernauer, Heiner Igel, Sebastien de Raucourt, Philippe Lognonné, Ozgur Karatekin, Birgit Ritter, Veronique Dehant, Cedric Schmelzbach, Domenico Giardini, and Luigi Ferraioli
Chairperson: Maike Brigitte Neuland
10:51–10:53 |
PICO4.4 |
Advanced Pointing Imaging Camera (APIC) Concept
Ryan Park and Ed Riedel
Chairperson: Maike Brigitte Neuland
10:53–10:55 |
PICO4.5 |
Jan Jehlicka and Adam Culka
Chairperson: Maike Brigitte Neuland
10:55–10:57 |
PICO4.6 |
Maria Hieta, Maria Genzer, Jouni Polkko, Erik Fischer, and German M. Martinez
Chairperson: Maike Brigitte Neuland
10:57–10:59 |
PICO4.7 |
Rustam Lukmanov, Marek Tulej, Reto Wiesendager, Andreas Riedo, Valentine Riedo, and Peter Wurz
Chairperson: Maike Brigitte Neuland
10:59–11:01 |
PICO4.8 |
Kai Wickhusen, Jürgen Oberst, and Konrad Willner
Chairperson: Maike Brigitte Neuland
11:01–11:03 |
PICO4.9 |
| Highlight
Igor Drozdovskiy, Erica Luzzi, Francesco Sauro, Angelo Pio Rossi, Loredana Bessone, Elise Harrington, Samuel Payler, Michael Franke, Patrick Lennert, and Primož Vodnik
Chairperson: Maike Brigitte Neuland
11:03–11:05 |
PICO4.10 |
| Highlight
Barbara Cavalazzi, Roberto Barbieri, Angelo P. Rossi, Mnica Pondrelli, Karen Olsson-Francis, Giorgio gasparotto, Miruts Hagos, and Europlanet TA1 Team
Chairperson: Maike Brigitte Neuland
11:05–11:07 |
PICO4.11 |
Alfred S. McEwen and the supporting authors
Chairperson: Maike Brigitte Neuland