NH5.6 | PICO

This session welcomes contributions presenting advances in, and approaches to, studying, modelling, monitoring, and forecasting of internal waves in stratified estuaries, lakes and the coastal oсean.

Internal solitary waves (ISWs) and large-amplitude internal soliton packets are a commonly observed event in oceans and lakes. In the oceans ISWs are mainly generated by the interaction of the barotropic tides with the bottom topography. Large amplitude solitary waves are energetic events that generate strong currents. They can also trap fluid with larvae and sediments in the cores of waves and transport it a considerable distance. ISWs can cause hazards to marine engineering and submarine navigation, and significantly impact on marine ecosystems and particle transport in the bottom layer of the ocean and stratified lakes. Contributions studying flows due to internal waves, their origin, propagation and influence on the surrounding environment are of great importance.
The scope of the session involves all aspects of ISWs generation, propagation, transformation and the interaction of internal waves with bottom topography and shelf zones, as well as an evaluation of the role of internal waves in sediment resuspension and transport. Breaking of internal-waves also drives turbulent mixing in the ocean interior that is important for climate ocean models. Discussion of parameterizations for internal-wave driven turbulent mixing in global ocean models is also invited.

Co-organized as NP7.6/OS2.13
Convener: Kateryna Terletska | Co-conveners: Marek Stastna, Tatiana Talipova, Zhenhua Xu
| Tue, 09 Apr, 14:00–15:45
PICO spot 1

Tuesday, 09 April 2019

PICO spot 1
Chairperson: Marek Stastna
14:00–14:02 |
PICO1.1 |
| presentation
Roger Grimshaw
Chairperson: Marek Stastna
Chairperson: Marek Stastna
14:04–14:06 |
PICO1.3 |
Marek Stastna, Cameron Clarry, and David Deepwell
Chairperson: Marek Stastna
14:06–14:08 |
PICO1.4 |
Zhenhua Xu, Hang Chang, Baoshu Yin, and Yijun Hou
Chairperson: Marek Stastna
14:08–14:10 |
PICO1.5 |
Tatiana Talipova and Efim Pelinovsky
Chairperson: Marek Stastna
Chairperson: Marek Stastna
14:12–14:14 |
PICO1.7 |
Yang Wang, Zhenhua Xu, Baoshu Yin, Yijun Hou, and Hang Chang
Chairperson: Marek Stastna
14:14–14:16 |
PICO1.8 |
Nikolay Makarenko, Valery Liapidevskii, Danila Denisenko, and Dmitry Kukushkin
Chairperson: Marek Stastna
14:16–14:18 |
PICO1.9 |
Peiwen Zhang, Zhenhua Xu, Qun Li, Baoshu Yin, and Antony K. Liu
Chairperson: Marek Stastna
14:18–14:20 |
PICO1.10 |
| presentation
Bruno St-Denis, Daniel Bourgault, Peter S. Galbraith, and Cédric Chavanne
Chairperson: Marek Stastna
14:20–14:22 |
PICO1.11 |
Haibin Song, Minghui Geng, Yongxian Guan, Hao Li, and Kun Zhang
Chairperson: Marek Stastna
14:22–14:24 |
PICO1.12 |
Zihua Liu, Roger Grimshaw, and Edward Johnson
Chairperson: Marek Stastna
14:24–14:26 |
PICO1.13 |
Davide Cavaliere, Giovanni La Forgia, Federico Falcini, and Claudia Adduce
Chairperson: Marek Stastna
14:26–14:28 |
PICO1.14 |
Kateryna Terletska, Tatiana Talipova, and Sergey Semin