CL2.17.2 | PICO

The regional climate change assessment reports for the Baltic (BACC I and II) and North Sea regions (NOSCCA) have recently estimated the extent and impact of climate change on the environments of the North and Baltic Sea regions. A major outcome of these reports is the finding that climate change is one of multiple drivers, which have a continuing impact on terrestrial, aquatic and socio-economic (resp. human) environments. These drivers interact with regional climate change in ways, which are not completely understood.
This session invites contributions, which focus on the connections and interrelations between climate change and other drivers of environmental change, be it natural or human-induced, in different regional seas and coastal regions. Observation and modelling studies are welcome, which describe processes and interrelations with climate change in the atmosphere, in marine and freshwater ecosystems and biogeochemistry, coastal and terrestrial ecosystems as well as human systems. In particular, studies on socio-economic factors like aerosols, land cover, fisheries, agriculture and forestry, urban areas, coastal management, offshore energy, air quality and recreation, and their relation to climate change, are welcome.
The aim of this session is to provide an overview over the current state of knowledge of this complicated interplay of different factors, in different coastal regions all over the world.

Co-organized as BG3.24/HS11.23/NH5.17/OS2.21
Convener: Marcus Reckermann | Co-conveners: Ute Daewel, Helena Filipsson, Markus Meier, Markus Quante
| Fri, 12 Apr, 16:15–18:00
PICO spot 5a

Friday, 12 April 2019

PICO spot 5a
Chairperson: Marcus Reckermann
16:15–16:25 |
PICO5a.1 |
Climate driven changes in the Baltic Sea and North Sea and interlinkages with marine biogeochemistry and higher trophic species.
Matthias Gröger, Christian Dieterich, Anders Höglund, H.E. Markus Meier, Lars Arneborg, and Brian MacKenzie
Chairperson: Marcus Reckermann
16:25–16:27 |
PICO5a.2 |
Andreas Lehmann, Piia Post, and Katharina Höflich
Chairperson: Marcus Reckermann
16:27–16:29 |
PICO5a.3 |
Birte-Marie Ehlers, Janna Abalichin, and Frank Janssen
Chairperson: Marcus Reckermann
16:29–16:31 |
PICO5a.4 |
Corinna Jensen, Annika Jahnke-Bornemann, and Birger Tinz
Chairperson: Marcus Reckermann
16:31–16:33 |
PICO5a.5 |
Tiit Vaasma, Egert Vandel, Shinya Sugita, Hannes Tõnisson, Liisa Küttim, Kadri Vilumaa, Agnes Anderson, Are Kont, and Toru Tamura
Chairperson: Marcus Reckermann
16:33–16:35 |
PICO5a.6 |
| Highlight
Christian Dieterich and Hagen Radtke
Chairperson: Marcus Reckermann
16:35–16:37 |
PICO5a.7 |
Thaisa Bergamo, Raymond David Ward, Christopher Joyce, and Kalev Sepp
Chairperson: Marcus Reckermann
16:37–16:39 |
PICO5a.8 |
Sean Feist, Mohammad Hoque, and Michelle Bloor
Chairperson: Marcus Reckermann
16:39–16:41 |
PICO5a.9 |
| presentation
Norbert Wasmund, Monika Gerth, and Günther Nausch
Chairperson: Marcus Reckermann
16:41–16:43 |
PICO5a.10 |
Déborah Benkort, Ute Daewel, and Richard Hofmeister
Chairperson: Marcus Reckermann
16:43–16:45 |
PICO5a.11 |
Jonathan Beecham, Jorn Brugemann, and Johan van der Molen
Chairperson: Marcus Reckermann
Chairperson: Marcus Reckermann
16:47–16:49 |
PICO5a.13 |
Indre Razbadauskaite Venske, Remigijus Dailide, Inga Dailidiene, and Toma Dabuleviciene