The IAG's Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS) provides the means for integrating ground- and space-based geodetic and gravimetric observations. Modernizing the existing geodetic and gravimetric infrastructure homogenizing the processing of data are essential for consistent observations of Earth's time-variable shape, rotation, and gravity. This session is a forum for discussing ongoing and planned improvements to the geodetic and gravimetric observing systems and for using the observations from those systems to improve our understanding of the dynamic Earth. We particularly welcome contributions on the observation and determination of essential geodetic variables, including essential variables for global climate and ocean studies. We also welcome general contributions on GGOS including the progress and plans for building next generation geodetic and gravimetric stations.

Convener: Kosuke Heki | Co-conveners: Detlef Angermann, Richard Gross, Matthias Madzak, Michael R. Pearlman
| Attendance Tue, 09 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Hall X3

Attendance time: Tuesday, 9 April 2019, 08:30–10:15 | Hall X3

Chairperson: Kosuke Heki
X3.33 |
Michael Schmidt, Klaus Börger, and Ehsan Forootan
Hall X3
X3.34 |
| solicited
Ehsan Forootan, Michael Schmidt, Klaus Börger, Saeed Farazaneh, Christina Lück, Kristin Vielberg, and Mona Kosary
Hall X3
X3.35 |
Richard Gross
Hall X3
X3.36 |
Geoffrey Blewitt, Corné Kreemer, and William Hammond
Hall X3
X3.37 |
Michael R. Pearlman, Dirk Behrend, Allison Craddock, Carey E. Noll, Erricos C. Pavlis, Jérôme Saunier, Andrew Matthews, Riccardo Barzaghi, Daniela Thaller, Benjamin Maennel, Sten Bergstrand, and Jürgen Müller
Hall X3
X3.38 |
Detlef Angermann, Thomas Gruber, Michael Gerstl, Urs Hugentobler, Laura Sanchez, Robert Heinkelmann, and Peter Steigenberger
Hall X3
X3.39 |
Laurent Soudarin, Jean-Michel Lemoine, Frank Lemoine, Alexandre Couhert, Christian Jayles, Jérôme Saunier, Guilhem Moreaux, Hugues Capdeville, Petr Štěpánek, and Pascale Ferrage
Hall X3
X3.40 |
Allison Craddock, Gary Johnston, Rolf Dach, Charles Meertens, Chris Rizos, and Michael Moore
Hall X3
X3.41 |
Elmas Sinem Ince, Franz Barthelmes, Sven Reissland, Kirsten Elger, Christoph Förste, and Frank Flechtner
Hall X3
X3.42 |
Benjamin Männel, Markus Bradke, Andre Brandt, Thomas Nischan, Pierre Sakic, and Andreas Brack
Hall X3
X3.43 |
Martin Willberg, Philipp Zingerle, Qing Liu, Michael Schmidt, and Roland Pail
Hall X3
X3.44 |
Helene Wolf, Matthias Schartner, Johannes Böhm, and Andreas Hellerschmied
Hall X3
X3.45 |
Elizabeth Petrie and Chima Iheaturu