Environmental systems often span spatial and temporal scales covering different orders of magnitude. The session is oriented in collecting studies relevant to understand multiscale aspects of these systems and in proposing adequate multi-platform surveillance networks monitoring tools systems. It is especially aimed to emphasize the interaction between environmental processes occurring at different scales. In particular, a special attention is devoted to the studies focused on the development of new techniques and integrated instrumentation for multiscale monitoring high natural risk areas, such as: volcanic, seismic, slope instability and other environmental context.
We expect contributions derived from several disciplines, such as applied geophysics, seismology, geodesy, geochemistry, remote sensing, volcanology, geotechnical and soil science. In this context, the contributions in analytical and numerical modeling of geodynamics processes are also welcome.
Finally, a special reference is devoted to the integration through the use of GeoWeb platforms and the management of visualization and analysis of multiparametric databases acquired by different sources

Co-organized as GD7.5/GMPV5.16/NH11.2/NP4.8/SM1.17/SSS9.7
Convener: Pietro Tizzani | Co-conveners: Francesca Bianco, Antonello Bonfante, Raffaele Castaldo, Nemesio M. Pérez
| Thu, 11 Apr, 14:00–18:00
Room 0.96
| Attendance Thu, 11 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall X1

Attendance time: Thursday, 11 April 2019, 10:45–12:30 | Hall X1

Chairperson: Francesca Bianco
Chairperson: Francesca Bianco
Chairperson: Francesca Bianco
X1.3 |
Mar Alonso, Aquila Johnson, Maeve E. McLaughlin, Marta García-Merino, Cecilia Morales, Eleazar Padrón, Fátima Rodríguez, Monika Przeor, Victoria Leal, and Nemesio M. Pérez
Chairperson: Francesca Bianco
X1.4 |
Cecilia Amonte, Megan A. Lyons, William Larsen, Gladys V. Melián, María Asensio-Ramos, Eleazar Padrón, Pedro A. Hernández, and Nemesio M. Pérez
Chairperson: Francesca Bianco
X1.5 |
Ewa Piechowska, Małgorzata Merchel, Marcin Wichorowski, Tymon Zielinski, Paulina Pakszys, and Tomasz Kijewski
Chairperson: Francesca Bianco
X1.6 |
Robabeh Salehiozoumchelouei, Yousef Rajaeitabrizi, José Luis Sánchez de la Rosa, and Luca D'Auria
Chairperson: Francesca Bianco
X1.7 |
Szilárd Szabó, Dávid Abriha, Zoltán Kovács, Sarawut Ninsawat, László Bertalan, and Boglárka Bertalan-Balázs
Chairperson: Francesca Bianco
X1.8 |
Mariarosaria Manzo, Riccardo Lanari, Ilaria Antoncecchi, Giuseppe Solaro, Manuela Bonano, Sabatino Buonanno, Raffaele Castaldo, Francesco Casu, Francesco Ciccone, Claudio De Luca, Vincenzo De Novellis, Michele Manunta, Giovanni Onorato, Susi Pepe, Giada Rossi, Pietro Tizzani, Giovanni Zeni, Ivana Zinno, and Franco Terlizzese
Chairperson: Francesca Bianco
X1.9 |
| solicited
Flora Giudicepietro, Sonia Calvari, Salvatore Alparone, Alessandro Bonaccorso, Teresa Caputo, Luca D'Auria, Walter De Cesare, Bellina Di Lieto, Antonietta M. Esposito, Giovanni Macedonio, Marcello Martini, Massimo Orazi, Rosario Peluso, Pierdomenico Romano, Giovanni Scarpato, and Anna Tramelli
Chairperson: Francesca Bianco
X1.10 |
Minwook Kim, Tae-Seob Kang, Hyun Jae Yoo, and Dabeen Heo