This session focuses on interaction between freshwater continental discharge and coastal sea from their initial mixing and transformation in river estuaries to formation of buoyant river plumes and their spreading in coastal and shelf areas. We will discuss dynamics of the related transport and mixing of freshwater discharge, as well as its influence on physical, biological, and geochemical processes at the continental shelf.
River plumes play an important role in land-ocean interactions. Despite their relatively small surface area and volume as compared to adjacent coastal sea, they significantly influence global fluxes of buoyancy, heat, terrigenous sediments, nutrients, and anthropogenic pollutants, which are discharged to the coastal ocean with continental runoff. River plumes are characterized by strong spatial inhomogeneity and high temporal variability caused by external forcing and mixing processes. Regional features (delta/estuary, enclosed bay/open sea, shoreline, bathymetry, etc.) also significantly influence morphology and behavior of river plumes. As a result, dynamics and variability of river plumes are key factors for understanding mechanisms of spreading, transformation, and redistribution of continental discharge and river-borne constituents in coastal sea and their influence on adjacent continental shelf.
The session will discuss recent advances in understanding mechanisms which govern dynamics and variability of river plumes and estuarine processes based on in situ measurements, satellite observations, and numerical modelling. The session will focus on influence of freshwater discharge and river plumes on stratification and circulation in esuaries and coastal areas, transport and fate of river-borne suspended and dissolved constituents (nutrients, terrigenous sediments, anthropogenic pollutants, litter), impact on coastal nutrient cycle and food webs, sediment deposition and seabed morphology.

Convener: Alexander Osadchiev | Co-convener: Julie D. Pietrzak
| Mon, 08 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Room 1.85
| Attendance Mon, 08 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Hall X4

Attendance time: Monday, 8 April 2019, 16:15–18:00 | Hall X4

Chairperson: 15631
X4.53 |
Julie Pietrzak, Sabine Rijnsburger, Raul Flores, Alex Horner-Devine, Alex Souza, Kevin Lamb, and Nicole Jones
Chairperson: 15631
X4.54 |
Sabine Rijnsburger, Raul Flores Audibert, Julie Pietrzak, Alexander Horner-Devine, Alejandro Souza, Nicole Jones, and Kevin Lamb
Chairperson: 15631
X4.55 |
Zeinab Safar, Sabine Rijnsburger, Maria Ibanez Sanz, Claire Chassagne, Andy Manning, Julie Pietrzak, Alex Souza, Thijs van Kessel, Alex Horner-Devine, Raul Flores, and Maggie McKeon
Chairperson: 15631
X4.56 |
Alexander Osadchiev, Sergey Shchuka, and Igor Medvedev
Chairperson: 15631
X4.57 |
Ivan Zavialov and Alexander Osadchiev
Chairperson: 15631
X4.58 |
Mariarosaria Falanga, De Lauro Enza, and De Martino Salvatore
Chairperson: 15631
X4.59 |
Zhiyong Feng, Guangming Tan, and Junqiang Xia
Chairperson: 15631
X4.60 |
Antoine Gardel, Edward Anthony, Nicolas Huybrechts, Sandric Lesourd, Valdenira Santos, and Aldo Sottolichio
Chairperson: 15631
X4.61 |
Hui Wu, Yihe Wang, Lei Gao, Fang Shen, and X. San Liang
Chairperson: 15631
Chairperson: 15631
X4.63 |
Investigating the influence of freshwater discharge on deltaic systems
Constantinos Matsoukis, Nicoletta Leonardi, Lucy Bricheno, and Laurent Amoudry
Chairperson: 15631
X4.64 |
Investigating Rhone river plume dynamics using innovative metrics: ocean color satellite data Vs 3D sediment transport model results
Romaric Verney, Aurélien Gangloff, and Claude Estournel
Chairperson: 15631
X4.65 |
Modeling the Po River Delta with a nested grid approach: impacts on local circulation and plume dynamics of a higher grid resolution over the river mouth.
Francesco Marcello Falcieri, Antonio Ricchi, Elizabeth C Atwood, Sandro Carniel, and Mauro Sclavo
Chairperson: 15631
X4.66 |
Borut Umer, Vlado Malačič, and Dušan Žagar
Chairperson: 15631
X4.67 |
Wiwin Ambarwulan, Wouter Verhoef, Chris Mannaerts, and Suhyb Salama