NEMO (Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean) is a state-of-the-art modelling framework of the ocean that includes components for the ocean dynamics, the sea-ice and the biogeochemistry, so as a nesting package allowing to set up zooms and a versatile data assimilation interface (see
NEMO is used by a large community in Europe and world-wide (~200 projects, ~100 publications each year) covering a wide range of applications : oceanographic research, operational oceanography, seasonal forecast and climate projections.
NEMO is in particular used in 6 Earth System Models within CMIP6 and in Copernicus Marine Services (CMEMS) model-based products.

This session will provide a forum to properly address the new scientific advances in numerical modelling of the ocean and their implication for NEMO developments associated with:
• Ocean dynamics at large to coastal scales, up to 1km resolution ;
• Ocean biogeochemistry
• Sea-ice
• New numerical schemes associated to energy conservation constraints
• High performance computing challenges and techniques

The session will cover both research and operationnal activities contributing to new analysis, ideas and developments of ocean numerical models.
Presentations of results based on new NEMO functionalities and new NEMO model configurations are welcome.

Co-sponsored by NEMO
Convener: Claire Levy | Co-conveners: Mike Bell, Jerome Chanut, Doroteaciro Iovino, Julien Le Sommer
| Attendance Mon, 08 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall X4

Attendance time: Monday, 8 April 2019, 10:45–12:30 | Hall X4

X4.94 |
A New Hybrid Vertical Coordinate Ocean Model and Its Application in the Simulation of Low Salinity Water patches in the Changjiang Estuary
(withdrawn after no-show)
Wenjing Zhang, Xuezhong Wang, and Shouxian Zhu
X4.95 |
Georgy Shapiro, Jose M. Gonzalez-Ondina, and Xavier Francis
X4.96 |
Effect of varying bottom friction on tidal sea level simulation in the Indo-Pacific Ocean
Bijoy Thompson, Pavel Tkalich, Jianyu Liu, Xiangming Sun, Claudio Sanchez, and Xiang-Yu Huang
X4.97 |
Andrew Hogg, Andrew Kiss, Kial Stewart, Adele Morrison, Paul Spence, Ryan Holmes, and Matthew England
X4.98 |
Ute Hausmann, Jean-Baptiste Sallée, Nicolas Jourdain, Pierre Mathiot, Clement Rousset, Gurvan Madec, and Julie Deshayes
X4.99 |
Jonni Lehtiranta, Tuomas Kärnä, Simo Siiriä, Andrea Gierisch, Antti Westerlund, and Jari Haapala
X4.101 |
Matthew Menary, Juliette Mignot, Julie Deshayes, Richard Wood, and Till Kuhlbrodt