Water plays a critical role in sustaining human health, food security, energy production, and ecosystem services. Population growth, climate change, and socio-economic and land use developments increasingly threaten water quality and quantity. The success of water resources policy and management is dependent on the integrative understanding of coupled human environmental systems and a careful consideration of uncertainty. Only through such integrative understanding is it possible to generate practical, scientifically sound, and socially acceptable solutions that are sustainable. The careful consideration of the implication of uncertainty is necessary if solutions are to be not just acceptable and sustainable, but also robust over a wide range of plausible future developments. This session provides a forum for discussing the advances in water resources systems analysis, planning and management under uncertainty for informing the planning, policymaking, and management of water resources in a changing world.

Convener: Jan Kwakkel | Co-conveners: Marjolijn Haasnoot, Julien Harou, Patrick Reed, Kaveh Madani, Timothy Foster, Greg Characklis, Manuel Pulido-Velazquez
| Tue, 09 Apr, 14:00–18:00
Room 2.95
| Attendance Tue, 09 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall A

Attendance time: Tuesday, 9 April 2019, 10:45–12:30 | Hall A

Chairperson: Tim Foster
A.173 |
Xueshan Ai, Yue Zhi, and Zuo Dong
A.175 |
Maria Giulia Pelosi, Luca Monaco, Angelo Carlino, and Andrea Castelletti
A.176 |
Maria-Elena Rodrigo-Clavero, Javier Rodrigo-Ilarri, and Griselda-Berenice Hernández-Cruz
A.177 |
Jaanus Terasmaa, Marko Vainu, Elve Lode, Raimo Pajula, Oliver Koit, Martin Küttim, and Liisa Puusepp
A.178 |
Alena Bartosova, René Capell, Jørgen Olesen, and Berit Arheimer
A.179 |
Using scenario-neutral vulnerability analysis for model-based generation of adaptation pathways under climate change
Mehmet Umit Taner, Marjolijn Haasnoot, Casey Brown, and Willem van Deursen
A.181 |
Jisoo Yu, Tea-Woong Kim, Dong-Hyeok Park, Doo-Sun Kang, and Jae-Hyun Ahn
A.183 |
Irene Soligno, Marta Tuninetti, Luca Ridolfi, and Francesco Laio
A.184 |
Ansir Ilyas, Adriano Vinca, Simon Parkinson, Edward Byers, Peter Burek, Yoshihide Wada, Volker Krey, Keywan Riahi, Ned Djilali, Asif Khan, Simon Langan, and Abubakr Muhammad
A.185 |
Conrad Jackisch, Thomas Graeff, Boris Schröder, Stefan Baumgärtner, and Anett Schibalski
A.186 |
Francesca Pianosi, Barnaby Dobson, and Thorsten Wagener
A.188 |
Designing Adaptive Policy Pathways using Mulit-Objective Policy Tree Optimization
Jan Kwakkel and Jon Herman
A.189 |
Accounting water credits and debits at household scale: a new urban water trading system
Roberta Fornarelli, Martin Anda, Stewart Dallas, Mario Schmack, Josh Byrne, Gregory M. Morrison, and Karla Fox-Reynolds
A.190 |
Carla Palop-Donat, Javier Paredes-Arquiola, Francisco Javier Rodriguez-Benlloch, Joaquín Andreu, and Abel Solera
A.191 |
Hung Vuong Pham, Anna Sperotto, Silvia Torresan, Andrea Critto, Guido Rianna, Monia Santini, Sergio Noce, Vicenç Acuña, Dídac Jorda-Capdevila, and Antonio Marcomini
A.192 |
Daniele Ganora, Chiara Dorati, and Alberto Pistocchi
A.194 |
Food and Energy Thirst for Water in China: A Challenge to Water Sustainability
Junguo Liu
A.196 |
Vanessa Tesini, Simona Denaro, Andrea Castelletti, and Gregory Characklis