Earth history is punctuated by major extinction events, by perturbations of global biogeochemical cycles and by rapid climate shifts. Investigation of these events in Earth history is based on accurate and integrated stratigraphy. This session will bring together specialists in litho-, bio-, chemo-, magneto-, cyclo-, sequence-, and chronostratigraphy with paleontologists, paleoclimatologists and paleoceanographers. An emphasis is placed upon the use of a variety of tools for deciphering sedimentary records and their stratigraphy across intervals of major environmental change. This session is organized by the International Subcommission on Stratigraphic Classification (ISSC) of the International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS) and it is open to the Earth science community at large.

Co-organized as CL1.36, co-sponsored by ICS and ISSC
Convener: David De Vleeschouwer | Co-conveners: Sietske Batenburg, Frederik Hilgen, Werner Piller, Urs Schaltegger, I. Vasiliev, Patrick Grunert
| Fri, 12 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Room -2.32
| Attendance Fri, 12 Apr, 14:00–15:45
Hall X1

Attendance time: Friday, 12 April 2019, 14:00–15:45 | Hall X1

Chairperson: Werner Piller, Iuliana Popa
X1.137 |
Matthias Sinnesael, David De Vleeschouwer, Christian Zeeden, and Philippe Claeys and the Cyclostratigraphy Intercomparison Project Participants
Hall X1
X1.138 |
| Highlight
Margriet Lantink, Joshua Davies, Paul Mason, Urs Schaltegger, and Frederik Hilgen
Hall X1
X1.139 |
Galen Halverson and Chen Shen
Hall X1
X1.140 |
Alexandra Käßner, Marion Tichomirowa, Harald Lützner, and Reinhard Gaupp
Hall X1
X1.141 |
Roland Mundil, Cornelia Rasmussen, Paul E. Olsen, Dennis V. Kent, Randall B. Irmis, Christopher Lepre, Dominique M. Giesler, George E. Gehrels, John W. Geissman, Brenhin Keller, and William G. Parker
Hall X1
X1.142 |
Beatriz Aguirre-Urreta, Mathieu Martinez, Marina Lescano, Maximiliano Naipauer, Andrea Concheyro, Rafael Lopez-Martinez, Veronica Vennari, and Victor A. Ramos
Hall X1
X1.143 |
Johannes Monkenbusch, Nicolas Thibault, and Mathieu Martinez
Hall X1
Hall X1
X1.145 |
Maximilian Vahlenkamp, David De Vleeschouwer, Sietske Batenburg, Kirsty M. Edgar, Emma Hanson, Mathieu Martinez, Heiko Pälike, Kenneth G. MacLeod, Yong-Xiang Li, Carl Richter, Kara Bogus, Richard W. Hobbs, and Brian T. Huber and the Expedition 369 Scientific Participants
Hall X1
X1.146 |
Malahat Afandiyeva, Ibrahim Guliyev, Shalala Huseynova, and Ulvi Vahabov
Hall X1
X1.147 |
Andrei Briceag, Arjan de Leeuw, Marius Stoica, Mihaela Melinte-Dobrinescu, Iuliana Vasiliev, and Wout Krijgsman
Hall X1
Hall X1
Hall X1
X1.150 |
Iuliana Vasiliev, Vasileios Karakitsios, Ioanna Bouloubassi, Konstantina Agiadi, George Kontakiotis, Assimina Antonarakou, Maria Triantaphyllou, Alexandra Gogou, Nefeli Kafousia, Marc de Rafélis, Stergios Zarkogiannis, Fanny Kaczmar, Constantine Parinos, and Nikolaos Pasadakis
Hall X1
X1.151 |
Steffen Kutterolf, Armin Freundt, Thor Hansteen, Rebecca Dettbarn, Fabian Hampel, Carina Sievers, Cathrin Wittig, Timothy Druitt, Paraskevi Nomikou, Jocelyn McPhi, Julie C Schindlbeck-Belo, Kuo-Lung Wang, and Hao-Yang Lee
Hall X1
X1.152 |
Holly Stein, Judith Hannah, Svetoslav Georgiev, Vineet Goswami, and Gang Yang