This is a general open session on all aspects of gas phase chemistry. The focus of this year will be on processes affecting the oxidation capacity of the atmosphere, particularly perturbations to HOx and NOx levels in the troposphere. Field measurements, laboratory and theoretical studies which do not fit into one of the other special sessions are welcome.

Convener: Hartwig Harder | Co-conveners: Terry Dillon, Anna Novelli, Daniel Stone, Luc Vereecken
| Tue, 09 Apr, 14:00–15:45
Room 0.60
| Attendance Tue, 09 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Hall X5

Attendance time: Tuesday, 9 April 2019, 16:15–18:00 | Hall X5

Chairperson: Hartwig Harder
X5.386 |
On the unresolved problems of ozone layer chemistry
Igor Larin
X5.387 |
James Lee, Freya Squires, James Hopkins, Stuart Young, Shona Wilde, and Stephane Bauguitte
X5.388 |
Roland Ruhnke, Philipp Dietz, Jennifer Schröter, and Michael Weimer
X5.389 |
Ralph Dlugi, Martina Berger, Michael Zelger, Anywhere Tsokankunku, Chinmay Mallik, Stefan Wolff, Eva Pfannerstill, Efstratios Bourtsoukidis, Daniel Marno, Monica Martinez, Ana-Maria Yáñez-Serrano, Otávio C. Acevedo, Gerhard Kramm, Meinrat O. Andreae, Jonathan Williams, Jürgen Kesselmeier, Hartwig Harder, and Matthias Sörgel
X5.390 |
Chinmay Mallik, Otávio C. Acevedo, Alessandro Araùjo, Martina Berger, Efstratios Bourtsoukidis, Ralph Dlugi, Jürgen Kesselmeier, Jos Lelieveld, Antonio Ocimar Manzi, Daniel Marno, Monica Martinez, Pablo E. S. Oliveira, Eva Pfannerstill, Matthias Sörgel, Sebastian Tauer, Anywhere Tsokankunku, Marta Sá, Ana-Maria Yáñez-Serrano, Jonathan Williams, Stefan Wolff, Michael Zelger, and Hartwig Harder
X5.391 |
Yanbo Gai, Yonghao Zhang, Qilei Zhang, Xiaoxiao Lin, Chengqiang Yang, and Weijun Zhang
X5.392 |
Yangang Ren, Alexandre Kukui, Waed Ahmad, Francois Bernard, Joris Leglise, Li Zhou, Min Cai, Clara Coujou, Roland Benoit, Valéry Catoire, Veronique Daële, and Abdelwahid Mellouki
X5.394 |
Judit Pérez, Christina M. Jones, Raimundo A. Lobato, Kiara C. Brooksby, Marta López-Saavedra, Violeta T. Albertos-Blanchard, José Barrancos, Germán D. Padilla, María Asensio-Ramos, Eleazar Padrón, Gladys V. Melián, Pedro A. Hernández, and Nemesio M. Pérez
X5.395 |
Roland Rohloff, Daniel Marno, Birger Bohn, Dirk Dienhart, Horst Fischer, Monica Martinez, Rolf Sander, Ivan Tadic, Andreas Zahn, Jos Lelieveld, and Hartwig Harder
X5.396 |
William Bloss, Roberto Sommariva, Louisa Kramer, and Leigh Crilley
X5.397 |
Selective Measurement of Particle Nitrates using a Honeycomb Activated Carbon Denuder Coupled to a Thermal Dissociation NO$_{2}$-LIF System
Anywhere Tsokankunku, Matthias Sörgel, Carolina Gomes da Rocha, and Hartwig Harder
X5.398 |
| presentation
Manas Dash and Hartwig Harder
X5.399 |
Weixiong Zhao, Chengqiang Yang, Bo Fang, Xuezhe Xu, Yanbo Gai, Yang Zhang, Weijun Zhang, Weidong Chen, Dean S. Venables, and Christa Fittschen
X5.400 |
Source apportionment and measurement evaluation of HONO based on one-year continuous measurement at SORPES station of east China
Wei Nie, Zheng Xu, Yuliang Liu, Tianyi Wang, Ruoxian Wang, and Aijun Ding