Organic material can make up a substantial fraction of ambient particulate matter, both in polluted urban areas and in cleaner rural and remote regions. Therefore they have the ability to impact the Earth radiative balance and human health at local, regional and global scales. Aerosols are made up of a complex mixture of inorganic and organic species with a wide range of functionalities and volatilities, making them one of the most challenging components of the atmosphere to characterize. Once organic compounds are emitted to the atmosphere they can undergo complex chemical and physical processes. The chemical processes involving aerosol species can also lead to changes in the physicochemical properties of ambient particles, such as their hygroscopicity, morphology and phase, diffusion of water and SVOCs, light scattering and absorption. Thus even with extensive study, our understanding of their sources, formation, evolution and vertical distribution in the atmosphere remains limited.

This session welcomes presentations that discuss the sources and evolution of organic aerosols in the atmosphere and how atmospheric processes transform ambient aerosols both in terms of their chemical composition and their physical properties.

Convener: Jacqui Hamilton | Co-conveners: Marianne Glasius, Thorsten Hoffmann, Matthieu Riva
| Mon, 08 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Room 0.11
| Attendance Mon, 08 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Hall X5

Attendance time: Monday, 8 April 2019, 16:15–18:00 | Hall X5

Chairperson: Jacqui Hamilton
X5.346 |
Srinivas Bikkina, Md. Mozammel Haque, Manmohan Sarin, and Kimitaka Kawamura
Chairperson: Jacqui Hamilton
X5.347 |
Najin Kim, Minsu Park, Seong Soo Yum, Hye Jung Shin, Jong Sung Park, and Joon Young Ahn
Chairperson: Jacqui Hamilton
Chairperson: Jacqui Hamilton
X5.349 |
Johannes Schneider, Franziska Köllner, Christiane Schulz, Hans-Christian Clemen, Katharina Kaiser, Oliver Eppers, Jonathan Williams, Horst Fischer, Jos Lelieveld, and Stephan Borrmann
Chairperson: Jacqui Hamilton
X5.350 |
Peter Gallimore, Chiara Giorio, Brendan Mahon, Francis Wragg, and Markus Kalberer
Chairperson: Jacqui Hamilton
Chairperson: Jacqui Hamilton
X5.352 |
Sebastian Ehrhart, Andrea Pozzer, and Jos Lelieveld
Chairperson: Jacqui Hamilton
X5.353 |
Archit Mehra, Yuwei Wang, Jordan Krechmer, Andrew Lambe, Francesca Majluf, Melissa Morris, Michael Priestley, Thomas Bannan, Jacqui Hamilton, Philip Croteau, John Jayne, Douglas Worsnop, Manjula Canagaratna, Lin Wang, and Hugh Coe
Chairperson: Jacqui Hamilton
X5.354 |
Rebecca J. Sheesley, Claire E. Moffett, Matthew J. Gunsch, Kerri A. Pratt, Subin Yoon, Jun Liu, and Tate E. Barrett
Chairperson: Jacqui Hamilton
X5.355 |
Thomas Kühn, Taina Yli-Juuti, Joonas Merikanto, Anca Hienola, Antti Arola, Tero Mielonen, Kari Lehtinen, Hannele Korhonen, Annele Virtanen, and Harri Kokkola
Chairperson: Jacqui Hamilton
X5.356 |
Anke Mutzel, Olaf Boege, and Hartmut Herrmann
Chairperson: Jacqui Hamilton
Chairperson: Jacqui Hamilton
X5.358 |
Felix Piel, Markus Müller, Tomas Mikoviny, and Armin Wisthaler
Chairperson: Jacqui Hamilton
X5.359 |
Tobias Otto and Hartmut Herrmann
Chairperson: Jacqui Hamilton
Chairperson: Jacqui Hamilton
X5.361 |
Shuxuan Xu, Simon O'Meara, David Topping, Rami Alfarra, Harald Saathoff, and Gordon McFiggans
Chairperson: Jacqui Hamilton
X5.362 |
Chirantan Sarkar, Taveen Kapoor, Chandra Venkataraman, Abhijit Chatterjee, Harish C Phuleria, and Sanjay K Ghosh
Chairperson: Jacqui Hamilton
X5.363 |
Application of time-of-flight aerosol mass spectrometry for the online measurement of particle phase organic peroxides
Thorsten Hoffmann and Marcel Weloe
Chairperson: Jacqui Hamilton
X5.364 |
Maria Elena Gomez Alvarez, Sarah Steimer, Anke Mutzel, Markus Karlberer, Hartmut Herrmann, and John Wenger
Chairperson: Jacqui Hamilton
X5.365 |
Mikael Ehn, Mikko Äijälä, Yanjun Zhang, Liine Heikkinen, and Otso Peräkylä
Chairperson: Jacqui Hamilton
X5.366 |
Jenny Pui Shan Wong, Maria Tsagkaraki, Irini Tsiodra, Nikolaos Mihalopoulos, Kalliopi Violaki, Maria Kanakidou, Jean Sciare, Athanasios Nenes, and Rodney Weber