Statistical post-processing techniques for weather, climate, and hydrological forecasts are powerful approaches to compensate for effects of errors in model structure or initial conditions, and to calibrate inaccurately dispersed ensembles. These techniques are now an integral part of many forecasting suites and are used in many end-user applications such as wind energy production or flood warning systems.

Many of these techniques are now flourishing in the statistical, meteorological, climatological, hydrological, and engineering communities. The methods range in complexity from simple bias correction up to very sophisticated distribution-adjusting techniques that take into account correlations among the prognostic variables.

In this session, we invite papers dealing with both theoretical developments in statistical post-processing and evaluation of their performances in different practical applications oriented toward environmental predictions.

Co-organized as AS1.8/CL5.22/HS4.2.4
Convener: Stéphane Vannitsem | Co-conveners: Stephan Hemri, Maxime Taillardat, Daniel S. Wilks
| Thu, 11 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Room M1
| Attendance Fri, 12 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Hall X4

Attendance time: Friday, 12 April 2019, 16:15–18:00 | Hall X4

Chairperson: Maxime Taillardat
X4.298 |
Limitations of univariate downscaling techniques and its implication on hydrologic modeling
(withdrawn after no-show)
Rajarshi Das Bhowmik, Seung Beom Seo, and Sankar Arumugam
Hall X4
Hall X4
X4.300 |
Probabilistic flood forecasting considering heterogeneity of error distributions
Zhongmin Liang, Xiaolei Jiang, Yiming Hu, Jun Wang, and Binquan Li
Hall X4
X4.301 |
Mehrez El Ayari, Stephan Hemri, and Sándor Baran
Hall X4
X4.302 |
| Highlight
Maxime Taillardat and Olivier Mestre
Hall X4
X4.303 |
Faranak Tootoonchi, Jan Haerter, and Claudia Teutschbein
Hall X4
X4.304 |
Christoph Spirig, Stephan Hemri, Jonas Bhend, Jan Rajczak, and Mark Liniger
Hall X4
Hall X4
X4.306 |
Joris Van den Bergh, Geert Smet, and Piet Termonia
Hall X4
X4.307 |
Moritz N. Lang, Georg J. Mayr, Reto Stauffer, and Achim Zeileis
Hall X4
X4.308 |
Comparing approaches to effectively use super ensemble experiments for hydrological projections under climate change
Satoshi Watanabe
Hall X4
X4.309 |
André Düsterhus, Mikhail Dobrynin, and Johanna Baehr
Hall X4
X4.310 |
Emmanuel Roulin and Stéphane Vannitsem
Hall X4
Hall X4
X4.312 |
Manuel Lorenz, Patrick Laux, Mathieu Vrac, and Harald Kunstmann