Water is the defining feature of the habitable Earth; it is essential for all life as we know it. Evolution and maintenance of life in extremely water limited environments, which cover significant portions of the Earth, is not well understood. Akin to life, water-driven processes leave unique marks on the Earth’s surface. Mars is the only other planet currently known to bear the marks of water-driven surface processes, albeit fossil and of great age. The slow biotic and abiotic surface processes that may operate even in the virtual absence of liquid water are still essentially unknown. What is evident is that transient episodes of increased water availability can leave long lasting traces in extremely water limited environments. Intriguingly, those traces of bursts in Earth surface evolution have rarely been related to bursts in biological colonization/evolution, and vice versa, although both relate to the same trigger: water.

The objective of this session is to showcase research on the mutual evolutionary relationships between Earth surface processes and biota in arid to hyper-arid systems, where both biota and Earth surface process are severely and predominantly limited by the availability of water (rather than by extreme temperatures).
Solicited topics include (not exhaustive):
• fingerprints of biological activity at the (water) limit of the habitable Earth
• surface processes operating in the (virtual) absence of liquid water on Earth or extraterrestrial analogues (e.g. Mars)
• thresholds for biological colonization and concurrent fluvial transformation of landscapes
• tipping point(s) of biotically and abiotically controlled Earth surface systems
• chronometric and spatial information on the colonization and radiation of biota
terrestrial climatic records of (hyper-) arid regions on Earth

Co-organized as BG7.4/CL4.38/PS4.7
Convener: Tibor J. Dunai | Co-conveners: Eduardo Campos, Cristina Dorador, Claudia Knief, Laura Evenstar
| Wed, 10 Apr, 08:30–12:30, 14:00–15:45
Room 0.31
| Attendance Thu, 11 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall X2

Attendance time: Thursday, 11 April 2019, 10:45–12:30 | Hall X2

Chairperson: Tibor Dunai
X2.37 |
Tibor J. Dunai and the SFB 1211 project leaders
X2.38 |
Yifan Li, Mark Reyers, and Yaping Shao
X2.39 |
Wulf Amelung, Roland Bol, Tibor Dunai, Barbara Fuentes, Andrea Jaeschke, Eva Lehndorff, Claudia Knief, Erwin Klumpp, Stephanie Kusch, Ramona Moerchen, and Janet Rethemeyer
X2.41 |
Adriana Aránguiz-Acuña, Nancy León, Rodrigo Castillo, and Volker Wennrich
X2.42 |
Cinthya Tebes, Constanza Rodriguez, Cecilia Demergasso, Guillermo Chong, Nancy Hinman, and Victor Parro
X2.44 |
Yichen Zheng, Felix Merklinger, and Thomas Wiehe
X2.45 |
Daniel Ariztegui, Camille Thomas, and Vincent Grossi
X2.46 |
Erwin Klumpp, Ghazal Moradi, Ramona Mörchen, Anna Missong, Luka Trbojevic, Barbara Fuentes, Eva Lehndorff, Wulf Amelung, and Roland Bol
X2.47 |
Andrea Jaeschke, Christoph Böhm, Mark Reyers, Felix Merklinger, Stefano Bernasconi, Enno Schefuß, Stephanie Kusch, and Janet Rethemeyer
X2.48 |
Antonio Maldonado, Maria Eugenia de Porras, Mauricio Uribe, Eugenia Gayó, Alejandra Vidal, Camila Segura, Calogero M. Santoro, and Jose Luis Antinao
X2.50 |
The Llamara basin and its relevance as an important witness of the evolution of the Atacama Desert during upper Cenozoic times
Guillermo Chong, Cecila Demergasso, and Javier Urrutia
X2.51 |
Sebastián Muñoz, Rodrigo Riquelme, Tibor Dunai, Benedikt Ritter, and Eduardo Campos
X2.52 |
Janek Walk, Georg Stauch, Mark Reyers, Melanie Bartz, Dirk Hoffmeister, Helmut Brückner, and Frank Lehmkuhl
X2.53 |
Claudia Voigt, Swea Klipsch, Daniel Herwartz, Guillermo Chong, and Michael Staubwasser
X2.54 |
Swea Klipsch, Daniel Herwartz, and Michael Staubwasser
X2.55 |
Markus Schiffer, Alexander Stolz, Richard Spanier, Susan Herb, Claus Müller-Gatermann, Stefan Heinze, Steven Binnie, Janet Rethemeyer, Tibor Dunai, and Alfred Dewald
X2.56 |
Christina Obert, Carsten Münker, Michael Staubwasser, and Daniel Herwartz
X2.57 |
Alicia Medialdea, Dominik Brill, Georgina King, Simon Matthias May, Anja Zander, and Christoph Burow
X2.58 |
Ina Martinet, Carsten Münker, and Daniel Herwartz
X2.59 |
Barbara Blanco, Pritam Yogeshwar, Bülent Tezkan, Volker Wennrich, Wiebke Mörbe, and Daniel Diaz
X2.60 |
Julia Diederich, Volker Wennrich, Dominik Brill, Emma Fernandez Galego, Stephanie Scheidt, Christian Rolf, Roberto Bao, Karin Niemann, Stefan Buske, Tibor J. Dunai, and Martin Melles
X2.61 |
Carme Huguet, Andrea Jaeschke, and Janet Rethemeyer