Soil-forming processes can be observed at various spatial and temporal scales, including molecular - microscopic - pedon - landscape scales, and a similarly wide range of temporal scales. They are influenced not only by the “classical five” soil-forming factors, but also by the factor “humans”. This holds true not only for the industrial period and urbanized areas, but also for palaeopedological and archaeological contexts.

In this session, we seek abstracts on all of these aspects of “soils as records in time and space”:
- soil processes proceeding at different scales, incl. interactions across scales (both spatial and temporal)
- human-induced soil changes (incl. mechanical and chemical changes, as well as the introduction of artificial parent materials)
- advances in understanding weathering mechanisms and mineralogical changes in time and space
- linkages of spatial patterns and processes in soil landscapes over time
- processes taking place on short time scales, thereby contributing to long-term soil changes
- aeolian inputs to soils, implications for soil genesis and ecologically relevant soil properties
- palaeosols and geomorphic features as records of former environments and human activity

Convener: Daniela Sauer | Co-conveners: Anna Schneider, Joscha Becker, Markus Egli, Klaus Kaiser
| Mon, 08 Apr, 08:30–12:30
Room -2.20
| Attendance Mon, 08 Apr, 14:00–15:45
Hall X1

Attendance time: Monday, 8 April 2019, 14:00–15:45 | Hall X1

Chairperson: Anna Schneider, Klaus Kaiser, Markus Egli
Soil processes, soil development and soil patterns across scales
Hall X1
X1.197 |
Henrik Distel, Florian Hirsch, Thomas Raab, and M. Anne Naeth
Hall X1
X1.198 |
Florian Hirsch, Thomas Raab, Henrik Distel, and M. Anne Naeth
Hall X1
X1.199 |
Paul Voroney and Ravindra Ramnarine
Hall X1
X1.200 |
Alessandra Musso, Michael E. Ketterer, and Markus Egli
Hall X1
X1.201 |
Joanna Kowalska, Michał Skiba, Tomasz Zaleski, Katarzyna Maj-Szeliga, and Ryszard Mazurek
Hall X1
X1.202 |
Theresa Bonatotzky, Franz Ottner, Egill Erlendsson, and Guðrún Gísladóttir
Hall X1
X1.203 |
Dmitry Golovanov, Maria Konyushkova, Pavel Krasilnikov, Alexey Sorokin, Nelly Agadzhanova, Zarema Gasanova, and Yulia Golovleva
Hall X1
X1.204 |
Nelli Agadzhanova, Maria Konyushkova, and Pavel Krasilnikov
Hall X1
X1.205 |
Elizabeth Solleiro-Rebolledo, Sergey Sedov, Marina Lebedeva-Verba, Cesar Villalobos, and Rocio Alcantara
Hall X1
Hall X1
X1.207 |
Fei Yang, Volker Karius, and Daniela Sauer
Hall X1
X1.208 |
Joscha N. Becker, Harold Hughes, Jürgen Grotheer, Thorsten Zeppenfeld, and Daniela Sauer
Hall X1
X1.209 |
Moritz Köster, Yue Hu, Francisco Nájera, Francisco Matus, Michaela Dippold, and Sandra Spielvogel
Hall X1
Soils as records of past environments and human activities
Hall X1
X1.210 |
Stephen Boahen Asabere, Jiangyun Li, Harold James Hughes, and Daniela Sauer
Hall X1
X1.211 |
Nora Pfaffner, Daniela Sauer, Annette Kadereit, Sophie Cornu, Barbara von der Lühe, Pascal Bertran, Mathieu Bosq, and Sebastian Kreutzer
Hall X1
X1.212 |
Keerthika Nirmani Ranathunga Arachchige, Peter Finke, and Qiuzhen Yin
Hall X1
X1.213 |
Jitka Elznicova, Johana Vardarman, Iva Machova, Stepanka Tumova, Martin Famera, J. Michael Daniels, and Tomas Matys Grygar
Hall X1
X1.214 |
Thomas Raab, Florian Hirsch, Anna Schneider, Alexander Bonhage, and Alexandra Raab
Hall X1
X1.215 |
Alexander Bonhage, Larysa Mykhailova, Florian Hirsch, Anna Schneider, Thomas Raab, Thomas Fischer, Alexandra Raab, Sally Donovan, and Will Ouimet
Hall X1
X1.216 |
Sally Donovan, Anna Schneider, Florian Hirsch, Alexander Bonhage, Alexandra Raab, and Thomas Raab
Hall X1
Hall X1
X1.218 |
Daisy Valera Fernández, Héctor Cabadas Báez, Elizabeth Solleiro Rebolledo, and Sergey Sedov