Soil biodiversity and function are highly responsive to natural and anthropogenically inflicted changes. Soil biota are affected by climatic factors (temperature and soil moisture) as well as by the quality of above and belowground litter. Climatic variables affect soil community structure and activity by direct and indirect interactive factors. Directly, via suppression of particular groups by low/high mean annual temperatures or by drought/flooding, and indirectly, via regulation of plant community composition and productivity. Plant communities determine structure and activity of microorganisms by chemical composition of litter and root exudates (nutrients), as well as modifying soil chemical properties (pH, soil organic matter content and quality). In addition, anthropogenic practices strongly modify climatic conditions, impact nutrient cycling and cause an input of man-made substances and toxins, which may shift or even tilt the natural equilibrium of microbial communities and processes in soil.

In a series of oral and poster presentations this session will present advances in soil biological and functional diversity. Topics presented in this session will include, but are not limitted to, the formation of soil microbial community structures and activities under the effects of i) temperature and soil moisture fluctuations (climatic factors), ii) plant community types (forests, grasslands, biological soil crusts, agricultural lands) iii) various agricultural practices (including flooding, application of mineral and organic fertilizers). Particular attention will be given to the i) separation of the effects of climatic and biotic factors, and ii) simultaneous estimation of microbial community structure and activity to reveal the driving factors for both. Overall, this session will give a broad overview about the effect of environmental conditions on formation and functioning of biological communities in soils and possible new research directions.

Convener: Martin Potthoff | Co-conveners: Lily Pereg (deceased), Stefan Schrader, Svetlana Selivanovskaya, Holger Pagel
| Wed, 10 Apr, 08:30–12:30
Room -2.20
| Attendance Wed, 10 Apr, 14:00–15:45
Hall X1

Attendance time: Wednesday, 10 April 2019, 14:00–15:45 | Hall X1

X1.170 |
Ekaterina Ivanova, Elizaveta Pershina, Vasilii Shapkin, Kimeklis Anastasia, Kichko Arina, Aksenova Tatiana, Zverev Alexey, Andronov Evgeny, and Abakumov Evgeny
Hall X1
X1.171 |
Elizaveta Pershina, Ekaterina Ivanova, Anastasiya Kimeklis, Alexey Zverev, Evgeny Andronov, and Evgeny Abakumov
Hall X1
X1.172 |
Grigory Gladkov, Ekaterina Maksimova, Elizaveta Pershina, Ekaterina Ivanova, Anastasiia Kimeklis, Evgeny Andronov, and Evgeny Abakumov
Hall X1
X1.173 |
Liliya Biktasheva, Polina Galitskaya, Valentin Fomin, and Svetlana Selivanovskaya
Hall X1
X1.174 |
| Highlight
Natasha Danilova, Ilsina Gilmutdinova, and Polina Galitskaya
Hall X1
X1.175 |
The effects of nitrate and chloride-containing fertilizers on the prokaryotic community structure of chernozem
(withdrawn after no-show)
Anastasia Vlasova and Natalia Manucharova
Hall X1
X1.176 |
Microbiome structure at different stages of soil formation in tundra
Timofey Chernov, Alena Zhelezova, Natalia Bgazhba, and Azida Tkhakakhova
Hall X1
X1.177 |
Justyna Sokołowska, Agnieszka Józefowska, and Tomasz Zaleski
Hall X1
X1.178 |
Mignon Sandor, Roxana Vidican, Dumitrița Dascălu, and Bogdan-Mihai Onica
Hall X1
X1.179 |
Dumitrița Dascălu, Roxana Vidican, Bogdan-Mihai Onica, and Mignon Sandor
Hall X1
X1.180 |
Gema Guzmán, Juan Carlos Rivas-Romero, José Luis Trapero-Casas, Cristina Estudillo, Miguel Montes-Borrego, Miguel Román-Écija, Carmen M. Haro, Concepción Olivares, Ignacio F. Girón, Engracia Madejón, Deborah Linsler, José A. Gómez, Carlos Camino, Juan A. Navas-Cortés, and Blanca B. Landa
Hall X1
X1.181 |
Deborah Linsler, Sarah Bender, Ilka Schmoock, and Martin Potthoff
Hall X1
X1.182 |
Ilka Schmoock, Deborah Linsler, Stefan Schrader, Astrid Taylor, and Martin Potthoff
Hall X1
Hall X1
X1.184 |
Additive biodiversity partitioning of soil testate amoeba communities
Natalia Mazei, Andrey Tsyganov, and Yuri Mazei
Hall X1
X1.185 |
Soil microarthropod community and soil structure under different soil management in olive orchard
Sauro Simoni, Elena Gagnarli, Donatella Goggioli, Stefano Mocali, Giuseppe Valboa, Sergio Pellegrini, and Nadia Vignozzi
Hall X1
Hall X1
X1.187 |
Liang Chen, Wenhua Xiang, Shuai Ouyang, Huili Wu, and Yongliang Chen
Hall X1
X1.188 |
Can we manage for sustaining nitrogen cyclers in agricultural soils?
Lily Pereg