The soil environment hosts a vast array of interfaces, ranging from those between microbes and aggregates, bulk soils and roots, to the interactions of soils with the bedrock and atmosphere. A range of physical, biological and chemical processes occur at these interfaces across different spatial and temporal scales, sustaining a wealth of ecosystem functions and services.

Soil systems are therefore dynamic environments. The behaviour and response of these complex systems to short-term perturbation and long-term environmental change pose fascinating challenges for soil scientists. Many of the major drivers of environmental change are anthropic in origin, including accelerated climatic change and shifts in land use and management. To ensure soils continue to provide valuable functions and services it is vitally important that we study the wide variety of soil interfaces and understand how the processes occurring across them may respond to current and potential future environmental change scenarios.

In this session we hope to bring together researchers at all career stages from different sub-disciplines of soil science to discuss these interactions and how these are affected by broader changes within the environment. Soil systems encompass an exceptional array of biogeochemical components; as such we welcome studies from a wide range of researchers using empirical or modelling-based approaches. We especially encourage contributions which present research encompassing different components of the soil system and the interactions between soil processes and the wider environment.

Co-organized as BG2.33
Convener: Daniel Evans | Co-conveners: Emily Dowdeswell-Downey, Chris McCloskey, Phil Haygarth
| Wed, 10 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Room -2.47
| Attendance Wed, 10 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Hall X1

Attendance time: Wednesday, 10 April 2019, 16:15–18:00 | Hall X1

Chairperson: Emily Dowdeswell-Downey and Alexander Williams
X1.205 |
Roisin O'Riordan, Jess Davies, Carly Stevens, John Quinton, and Christopher Boyko
X1.206 |
Mihai Cimpoiasu, Oliver Kuras, Tony Pridmore, and Sacha Mooney
X1.207 |
George Themistocleous, Tracy Valentine, Blair McKenzie, and Sacha Mooney
X1.208 |
Lewis Rose, George Shaw, Neil Crout, Charles B. Gowing, and Andrew Tye
X1.211 |
Marta Cattin, Kirk T. Semple, Marc Stutter, Alfonso Lag Brotons, Chris Parry, and Ben W.J. Surridge
X1.212 |
| presentation
Vanesa García Gamero, Andrea Román Sánchez, Adolfo Peña, Ana Laguna, Tom Vanwalleghem, Juan Vicente Giráldez, and Peter A. Finke
X1.213 |
Anna Andreetta, Guia Cecchini, Aldo Marchetto, and Stefano Carnicelli
X1.214 |
Functional differences between soil microbial decomposer communities across a tropical land-use intensity gradient
Dafydd Elias, Sam Robinson, Tim Goodall, Sabine Both, Nick Ostle, and Niall McNamara
X1.215 |
Kanva Goyal, Biswajit Roy, and Prasanta Sanyal
X1.216 |
Francis Parry Roberts, David Robinson, and Andy Smith
X1.218 |
In-soil trophic interactions between plants, rhizosphere bacteria and nematodes: Improving availability of soil organic phosphorus
Malika Mezeli, Tim George, Roy Neilson, Martin Blackwell, and Phillip Haygarth
X1.219 |
John Beale, Toby Waine, Ron Corstanje, Boris Snapir, and Jonathan Evans