From the perspective of Earth System predictions, the use of machine learning, and in particular deep learning, is still in its infancy. There are many possible ways how machine learning could improve model quality, generate significant speed-ups for simulations or help to extract information from numerous Earth System data, in particular satellite observations. However, it has yet to be shown that machine learning can hold what it is promising for the specific needs of the application of Earth System predictions. This session aims to provide an overview how machine learning can/will be used in the future and tries to summarise the state-of-the-art in an area of research that is developing at a breathtaking pace.

Co-organized as CL5.07/ESSI1.5/OS4.25
Convener: Peter Düben | Co-conveners: Julien Brajard, Peter Bauer, Tim Palmer
| Thu, 11 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Room 0.60
| Attendance Thu, 11 Apr, 14:00–15:45
Hall X5

Attendance time: Thursday, 11 April 2019, 14:00–15:45 | Hall X5

Chairperson: Julien Brajard
X5.219 |
Hervé Petetin, Albert Soret, Alicia Sanchez-Lorente, Oriol Jorba Cassellas, Kim Serradell, and Carlos Pérez Garcia-Pando
Chairperson: Julien Brajard
X5.220 |
Machine learning parameterizations for ozone in climate sensitivity simulations
Peer Nowack, Qing Yee Ellie Ong, Peter Braesicke, Joanna Haigh, Nathan Luke Abraham, John Pyle, and Apostolos Voulgarakis
Chairperson: Julien Brajard
X5.221 |
Anastase Alexandre Charantonis
Chairperson: Julien Brajard
X5.222 |
Generic cloud mask algorithm based on machine learning techniques and radiative transfer simulations
Nan Chen, Yongzhen Fan, Wei Li, Jae-Hyun Ahn, Wonkook Kim, Young-Je Park, Charles Gatebe, and Knut Stamnes
Chairperson: Julien Brajard
X5.223 |
Chaiyaporn Kitpracha, Sadegh Modiri, Milad Asgarimchr, Robert Heinkelmann, and Harald Schuh
Chairperson: Julien Brajard
Chairperson: Julien Brajard
X5.225 |
Madeleine Ekblom, Lauri Tuppi, Vladimir Shemyakin, Marko Laine, Pirkka Ollinaho, Heikki Haario, and Heikki Järvinen
Chairperson: Julien Brajard
Chairperson: Julien Brajard
X5.227 |
Christopher Irrgang, Jan Saynisch, and Maik Thomas
Chairperson: Julien Brajard
X5.228 |
Luiz Angelo Steffenel, Gustavo Rasera, Nelson Begue, Damaris Kirsch Pinheiro, and Hassan Bencherif
Chairperson: Julien Brajard
X5.229 |
Jose A Sanchez-Espigares and Basem Aljoumani
Chairperson: Julien Brajard
X5.230 |
Wim Wiegerinck, Dominik Thalmeier, and Frank Selten
Chairperson: Julien Brajard
Chairperson: Julien Brajard
X5.232 |
Julianna Carvalho Oliveira, Eduardo Zorita, Johanna Baehr, and Thomas Ludwig
Chairperson: Julien Brajard
X5.233 |
Lukas Hubert Leufen and Gerd Schädler
Chairperson: Julien Brajard
X5.234 |
Enzo Le Bouëdec, Mikhail Krinitskiy, Chantal Staquet, and Charles Chemel
Chairperson: Julien Brajard
X5.235 |
Redouane Lguensat, Julien Le Sommer, Sammy Metref, Emmanuel Cosme, and Ronan Fablet
Chairperson: Julien Brajard
X5.236 |
Maike Sonnewald, Carl Wunsch, and Patrick Heimbach