Mediterranean and other semi-arid regions are prone to cyclic droughts and flood events due to their high climate variability. Agricultural and forest practices have evolved to adapt to these conditions to increase productivity and the economic viability of these activities. Soil and water conservation (SWC) measures have been implemented in these regions to preserve natural resources while maintaining and/or increasing agriculture productivity. Currently a large variety of traditional SWC and relatively modern recent SWC approaches co-exist. However, it still been difficult to provide a robust appraisal of their effectiveness, or a detailed understanding to facilitate its adoption in situations different from those in which they have been developed, mostly through a combination of technical skills and trials and errors in commercial conditions. Finally, the use of SWC measures takes a new dimension with the prospect of climate change and the need to improve the provision of key ecosystems services.

In this frame, this session will try to promote discussion and networking among researches interested in this issue from different background, focusing on recent and past development of SWC, especially related to:
i) The effectiveness SWC measures applied in Mediterranean and other fragile environments in term of productivity, provision of ecosystem services and socio-economic impact (including both on- and off-site effects);
ii) Scientific advances in the understanding of the impact of SWC in the dynamics of hydrological and sediment fluxes, and in the spatial distribution of water and sediment sources and pathways to the improvement of best management practice (BMPs) aimed to minimize on-site and offsite erosion impacts.
iii) Advances in technologies to monitor and evaluate the efficiency of SWC and BMP by different stakeholders.
This session encompasses activities related to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 15.3 on Land Degradation Neutrality.

Co-organized as HS2.9.14/NH3.30
Convener: Jose Alfonso Gomez | Co-conveners: Rossano Ciampalini, Armand Crabit, Joao Pedro Nunes, Amandine Pastor
| Attendance Thu, 11 Apr, 14:00–15:45
Hall X1

Attendance time: Thursday, 11 April 2019, 14:00–15:45 | Hall X1

Chairperson: Jose Alfonso Gomez
X1.273 |
Yang Yu, Wei Wei, Liding Chen, Jing Qin, and Die Chen
X1.274 |
Itxaso Ruiz, María Almagro, Silvestre García de Jalón, María del Mar Solà, and María José Sanz
X1.275 |
| Highlight
Stefan Strohmeier, Jasper Goos, Coen Sprong, Kota Akimoto, Mira Haddad, Job de Vries, Sadahiro Yamamoto, and Geert Sterk
X1.277 |
Marcella Biddoccu, Giorgia Bagagiolo, Giorgio Capello, Danilo Rabino, and Eugenio Cavallo
X1.278 |
Gema Guzmán, José M. Cabezas, Gádor Alcalá, José A. Entrenas, Muriel Guernion, Morgane Hervé, Annegret Nicolai, Miguel A. Pérez-Nieto, and José A. Gómez
X1.279 |
Drivers of soil quality in agro-ecosystems and managed forested lands of Mediterranean areas under increasing climatic risk
Eleonora Grilli, Marco Bijl, Silvia Carvalho, Elio Coppola, Tommaso Lamantia, Carlos Alberto Russo Machado, Rossana Marzaioli, Micòl Mastrocicco, Fernando Javier Pulido, Paola Quatrini, Maria José Roxo, Flora Angela Rutigliano, Alexandre Sarmento, and Simona Castaldi
X1.280 |
Antonio J. Molina, Mariano Moreno de las Heras, Rossano Ciampalini, Amandine Pastor, Francesc Gallart, Pilar Llorens, and Jérôme Latron
X1.281 |
Armand Crabit, Raclot Damien, Follain Stéphane, Ciampalini Rossano, Le Quilleuc Benjamin, and Le Bissonnais Yves
X1.282 |
Feliciana Licciardello, Rossano Ciampalini, Amandine Pastor, Frédéric Huard, Stéphane Follain, Armand Crabit, Yves Le Bissonnais, and Damien Raclot