The reconstruction of thermal evolution in sedimentary basins is a complex issue and requires knowledge on the tectonostratigraphic evolution of the basin, the present and past heat flows, the thermal conductivity and porosity of the rocks, among other inputs. The classical approaches used to reconstruct past temperatures in basins are traditionally based on the numerical basin modeling and the direct measurement of paleo-temperatures on natural rock samples by means of thermometric methods. The two approaches are complementary and the common practice consists in calibrating the modeled thermal histories with constraints derived from LT thermometry and thermo-chronometry data. However, this procedure may be complicated by the lack of data in some areas of the basin and/or by the limitations of the different thermometers.
The development of new thermometers, applicable in the diagenetic realm which dominates sedimentary basins and possibly overcoming the limitations of the conventional tools, has been growing in the last few years.
Aim of this session is to solicit presentation and discussion of recent achievements in this field where the most innovative approaches to reconstruct thermal evolution in sedimentary basins have been developed or adopted alongside with more traditional tools, with possible applications to solve future energy issues and old geodynamic controversies.

Co-sponsored by SGI-GE
Convener: Sveva Corrado | Co-conveners: Marta Gasparrini, Silvia Omodeo Salè, Andrea Schito
| Attendance Mon, 08 Apr, 14:00–15:45
Hall X1

Attendance time: Monday, 8 April 2019, 14:00–15:45 | Hall X1

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Achraf Atouabat, Sveva Corrado, Andrea Schito, Dominique Frizon de Lamotte, Oriol Gimeno, Geoffroy Mohn, Luca Aldega, and Mohamed Najib Zaghloul
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Michael Nirrengarten, Geoffroy Mohn, Andrea Schito, Sveva Corrado, Laura Gutiérrez, Frank Despinois, and Stephen Bowden
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Amalia Spina, Andrea Sorci, Olle Hints, Geoff Clayton, Robbie Goodhue, Simonetta Cirilli, Sveva Corrado, Andrea Schito, and Rosalba Padula
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The thermal maturity of the lower Palaeozoic succession in the Zagros Basin: a preliminary study using Palynomorph Darkness Index.
Andrea Sorci, Amalia Spina, Simonetta Cirilli, Geoffrey Clayton, Robbie Goodhue, Mansour Ghorbani, Masoud Ovissi, Rosalba Padula, and Roberto Rettori
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Miquel Marin, Oliver Schenk, Eduard Roca, Oriol Ferrer, Maria Roma, and Lluis Cabrera
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Sabine Méhay, Miguel Marin, Teodoro Cassola, Jiun Chi Chao, and Donald Hall
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Domenico Grigo, Paolo Scotti, Donato Barbieri, Andrea Di Giulio, and Chiara Nicola