We invite presentations concerning soil moisture estimation, including remote sensing, field experiments, land surface modelling and data assimilation. The technique of microwave remote sensing has made much progress toward its high potential to retrieve surface soil moisture at different scales. From local to landscape scales several field or aircraft experiments (e.g. SMAPex) have been organised to improve our understanding of active and passive microwave soil moisture sensing, including the effects of soil roughness, vegetation, spatial heterogeneities, and topography. At continental scales a series of several passive and active microwave space sensors, including SMMR (1978-1987), AMSR(2002-), ERS/SCAT (1992-2000) provided information on surface soil moisture. Current investigations in L-band passive microwave with SMOS (2009-) and the new SMAP mission (Q1 2015) and in active microwave with Metop/Ascat series (2006-) open new possibilities in the quantification of the soil moisture at regional and global scales. Comparison between soil moisture simulated by land surface models, in situ observations, and remotely sensed soil moisture is also relevant to characterisation of regional and continental scale soil moisture dynamic (e.g., ALMIP2, GSWP3).

We encourage presentations related to soil moisture remote sensing, including:
- Field experiment, theoretical advances in microwave modelling and calibration/validation activities.
- Root zone soil moisture retrieval and soil moisture assimilation in land surface models as well as in Numerical Weather Prediction models.
- Inter-comparison and inter-validation between land surface models, remote sensing approaches and in-situ validation networks.
- Evaluation and trend analysis of soil moisture data record products such as the soil moisture CCI product or soil moisture re-analysis products (e.g. MERRA-Land, ERA-Land).
- Application of satellite soil moisture products for improving hydrological applications such as flood prediction, drought monitoring, rainfall estimation.

Invited Speaker: Wolfgang Wagner from Vienna University of Technology with the title "Resolving the Daily Water Cycle over Land with a Geosynchronous C-band Radar Satellite"

Convener: Luca Brocca | Co-conveners: Patricia de Rosnay, Yann Kerr, Jian Peng, Niko Verhoest
| Thu, 11 Apr, 08:30–12:30
Room B
| Attendance Thu, 11 Apr, 14:00–15:45
Hall A

Attendance time: Thursday, 11 April 2019, 14:00–15:45 | Hall A

Chairperson: Christian Massari
A.64 |
Indishe Senanayake, In-Young Yeo, Garry Willgoose, Gregory Hancock, Natthachet Tangdamrongsub, and Jeffrey Walker
Hall A
A.65 |
Laurène Bouaziz, Jaap Schellekens, Albrecht Weerts, Hessel Winsemius, Jasper Stam, Eric Sprokkereef, Hubert Savenije, and Markus Hrachowitz
Hall A
A.66 |
Alexandra Gemitzi, Maria Banti, Varvara Meliadou, Fotios Maris, and Venkat Lakshmi
Hall A
Hall A
Hall A
A.69 |
Shu Wang, Jean pierre Wigneron, Ling mei Jiang, Xiao yong Yu, and Mu yu Lin
Hall A
Hall A
A.71 |
Sarah Schönbrodt-Stitt, Paolo Nasta, Markus Kurtenbach, Nima Ahmadian, Nunzio Romano, and Christopher Conrad
Hall A
A.72 |
Reconstruction of MODIS Spectral Reflectance of Cloudy Pixels by Considering Soil Moisture and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)
Bo Gao, Huili Gong, Xiaojuan Li, Lin Guo, and Wei Lyu
Hall A
A.73 |
Xiaotao Wu, Guihua Lu, Zhiyong Wu, Hai He, Jianhong Zhou, and Wouter Dorigo
Hall A
A.74 |
Irene Himmelbauer, Daniel Aberer, Luca Zappa, Angelika Xaver, Wouter A. Doriogo, and Roberto Sabia
Hall A
A.75 |
Cheng-Ying Chuang, Jyun-Lin Chen, Hong-Ru Lin, Shao-Yang Huang, and Jet-Chau Wen
Hall A
Hall A
A.77 |
Downscaling SMAP soil moisture estimation over the Tibetan Plateau
Zushuai Wei
Hall A
A.78 |
Wenmin Zhang, Rena Meyer, Majken Looms Zibar, Søren Julsgaard Kragh, Mie Andreasen, Simon Stisen, Rasmus Fensholt, and Karsten Høgh Jensen
Hall A
A.79 |
Tracy Scanlon, Wouter Dorigo, Doris Baum, Wolfgang Preimesberger, Philip Buttinger, Zoltan Bakcsa, Robert van der Schalie, Christoph Reimer, Martin Hirschi, Richard Kidd, Richard de Jeu, and Alexander Boresch
Hall A
A.80 |
Yawei Wang, Jian Peng, and Ralf Ludwig
Hall A
A.81 |
Fabio Delogu, Sebastian Hahn, Simone Gabellani, Silvia Puca, and Luca Brocca
Hall A
A.82 |
Sara Modanesi, Christian Massari, Stefania Camici, Luca Brocca, and Giriraj Amarnath
Hall A
A.83 |
Anne Felsberg, Gabrielle J. M. De Lannoy, and Rolf H. Reichle
Hall A
A.84 |
Spatially-Varying Statistical Soil Moisture Profile Model by Coupling Memory and Forcing using Hydrologic Soil Groups to estimate vertical soil moisture profile
Manali Pal and Rajib Maity
Hall A
A.85 |
Heather Lawrence, Calum Baugh, Toni Jurlina, Christel Prudhomme, Patricia de Rosnay, and Francesca Di Guiseppe
Hall A
A.86 |
Linqi Zhang, Yi Liu, Liliang Ren, Shanhu Jiang, Xiaoli Yang, Fei Yuan, Menghao Wang, and Linyong Wei