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Marine geological processes cover a range of different disciplinary fields and their understanding usually requires an interdisciplinary approach. The interaction of geological, physical oceanographic, chemical and biological mechanisms in marine geological processes ranging from sediment erosion and deposition, to hydrothermal and fluid flow systems, to early diagenesis and geomicrobiology, is of specific interest. Such processes may take place in shallow or deep, in tropical and glacial environments, and they may be natural or partly human-influenced. Climate-induced perturbations in marine geological processes have occurred in present and past, and potentially will also occur in the future. Several of these processes may also have a profound human impact, such as tsunamis generated by tectonic or mass-slumping events, coastal erosion in response to changed currents or river discharge, and sediment gravity flow in deep waters affecting human infrastructures. /We encourage comprehensive and interdisciplinary abstracts within the broad field of marine geology and with direct relevance to marine processes or deposits concerned with rocks, sediments, and geo-physical and geo-(bio)chemical processes that affect them.

Co-organized as BG3.20/CL4.39/OS4.30/SSP3.13
Convener: Gert J. De Lange | Co-conveners: Edward Anthony, Shu Gao, Michele Rebesco
| Wed, 10 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Room M2
| Attendance Wed, 10 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Hall X3

Attendance time: Wednesday, 10 April 2019, 08:30–10:15 | Hall X3

X3.218 |
khaled alkahtani
X3.219 |
Gert J. De Lange, Amalia Filippidi, Rick Hennekam, and Jiawang Wu
X3.220 |
Hideki Amano, Shigeyuki Suzuki, Nobuhito Izumi, Hiroaki Watanabe, Makoto Yanagida, and Masaru Satou
X3.221 |
Kira Fish, Rhawn Denniston, Brian Monteleone, Guaria Cardenes-sandi, and Kelsey Arkle
X3.222 |
Wolf-Christian Dullo, Silke Glogowski, and Sascha Flögel
X3.223 |
| Highlight
Ricarda Gatter, Michael A. Clare, and Katrin Huhn
X3.224 |
Seok-Hwi Hong, Gwang-Soo Lee, Jin Cheul Kim, Jooah Choi, and Dong-Geun Yoo
X3.225 |
Susana M. Lebreiro, Laura Antón, Silvia Nave, Nick McCave, Álvaro Peliz, and David Hodell
X3.226 |
Lewis Bailey, Michael Clare, Edward Pope, Matthieu Cartigny, Peter Talling, Ivan Haigh, Thomas Wahl, Stephen Simmons, Daniel Parsons, Gwyn Lintern, Cooper Stacey, Sophie Hage, and Maarten Heijnen
X3.227 |
The geological hazards in LS region of Qiongdongnan basin on the northern margin of the South China Sea
Guangxu Zhang, Duanxin Chen, Xiujuan Wang, and Dongdong Dong
X3.228 |
Vadim Sivkov and Dmitry Borisov
X3.230 |
Xia Zhang, Shikui Zhai, Zenghui Yu, Zhifeng Yang, Jie Xu, and Dongjie Bi
X3.231 |
Dongjie Bi, Shikui Zhai, Xiaofeng Liu, Daojun Zhang, Xinyu Liu, Aibin Zhang, and Xia Zhang
X3.232 |
Confinement Ratio as a Function of Channel Migration and Turbidity Currents in Channel Levee complexes of the Indus Fan, Offshore Pakistan.
Ehsan Ul Haq, Ji Youliang, Khurram Shahzad, and Muhammad Farooq Mustafa
X3.233 |
Davide Mencaroni, Jaume Llopart, Roger Urgeles, and Eulàlia Gràcia
X3.234 |
April Abbott and Stefan Löhr