The analysis of infiltration, especially when infiltration experiments are used to estimate soil hydraulic properties, is becoming increasingly important for the geosciences community. Indeed, infiltration process is an important component of the hydrological cycle; it refers to the entry into the soil of water and all substances transported by it. Thus, estimates of soil infiltrability are mandatory key tasks to be performed on a number of hydrologic, agronomic, ecological or environmental studies. Under natural conditions, infiltration is characterized by high spatial variability resulting from a high degree heterogeneity of both soil texture and structure. On the other hand, local infiltration experiments are sensitive to space-time variability of the unsaturated soil properties. High-resolution infiltration measurement is crucial to properly describe and analyze soil water properties needed to model soil water flow. The aim of the session focus is on the principles, capabilities, and applications of both infiltration techniques and models at different scales, including, but not limited to: - field infiltration measurements for a wide variety of infiltration devices, from the most simple to the most sophisticated and complete, combined to complementary information provided by other methods (i.e., TDR probes, GPR, ERT, etc.), - new or revisited numerical and analytical models to account for multiple-porosity, hydrophobicity, organic matter, or swelling on infiltration, clogging, biofilm development; and many other factors that are not taken into account in classic infiltration models, - estimation of soil hydraulic parameters, among which the saturated-unsaturated hydraulic conductivity and sorptivity which are fundamental in soil science. We will explore diverse topics of infiltration and interactions encompassing soil processes. The session is not limited by methodology or approach and we welcome studies including laboratory or numerical simulation of infiltration, in-situ studies of water and solutes infiltration. We welcome contributions from simulated and real data investigations in the laboratory or field, successful and failed case studies as well as the presentation of new and promising infiltration approaches.

Co-organized as HS8.3.16
Convener: Rafael Angulo-Jaramillo | Co-conveners: Vincenzo Bagarello, Massimo Iovino, Jay Jabro, Laurent Lassabatere
| Tue, 09 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Room -2.20
| Attendance Wed, 10 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Hall X1

Attendance time: Wednesday, 10 April 2019, 08:30–10:15 | Hall X1

Chairperson: Rafael Angulo-Jaramillo, Laurent Lassabatère, Massimo Iovino, Jay Jabro
X1.189 |
Sofia Bouarafa, Rafael Angulo-Jaramillo, Laurent Lassabatere, and Majdi Abou-Najm
X1.190 |
Simone Di Prima, Mirko Castellini, Majdi R. Abou Najm, Ryan D. Stewart, Rafael Angulo-Jaramillo, and Laurent Lassabatere
X1.191 |
Tomáš Princ, Helena Maria Reis Fideles, Michal Sněhota, and Johannes Koestel
X1.192 |
Paola Concialdi, Simone Di Prima, Rafael Angulo-Jaramillo, and Laurent Lassabatere
X1.193 |
Hana Beitlerová, Jonas Lenz, Jiri Kapicka, Jan Devaty, Anne Routschek, and Jürgen Schmidt
X1.194 |
Morgan Neuendorf, Carrington Moore, Abdullah Al Mamun, Charles Harrison, Devendra Amatya, Carl Trettin, Stephen Moysey, Brian Powell, and Christophe Darnault
X1.195 |
Enoch V. SW. Wong, Phil R. Ward, Daniel V. Murphy, Matthias Leopold, and Louise Barton
X1.196 |
Felix Barquero, Nathan Burt, Johanna Wallström, and Catalin Stefan
X1.197 |
Laboratory testing of soil sealing and water infiltration in soils under two tillage systems
Maria Concepción Ramos, Evangelina Pareja-Sánchez, Daniel Plaza-Bonilla, Carlos Cantero-Martínez, and Jorge Lampurlanés
X1.198 |
Evaluation of green roof ageing effects on substrate hydraulic characteristics
Massimo Iovino, Simone Di Prima, Massimiliano Guastella, Vincenzo Alagna, and Mirko Castellini
X1.199 |
Young-Suk Song, Sueng-Won Jeong, and Minseok Kim
X1.200 |
Niccolo` Tubini, Vincenzo Casulli, and Riccardo Rigon
X1.201 |
David Zumr, Jakub Jeřábek, Tailin Li, Vladimír Klípa, Michal Dohnal, and Michal Sněhota
X1.202 |
Efim Lavrukhin, Marina V. Karsanina, and Kirill M. Gerke
X1.203 |
Marina V. Karsanina, Anna V. Yudina, Konstantin N. Abrosimov, Konstantin A. Romanenko, Dmitry S. Fomin, and Kirill M. Gerke
X1.204 |
Experimental study of the moisture distribution on the wetting front during drainage and imbibition in a 2D sand chamber
Wei Yunbo, Chen Kouping, Wu Jichun, and Zhu Xiaobin