Dissolved and particulate organic carbon (DOM, POM) are key components of the global C cycle and important as potential sources of CO2, and for the long-term preservation of carbon stabilized in subsoils and sediments. DOM and POM are key sources of energy for microbial metabolism within terrestrial ecosystems, the aquatic continuum, and ultimately the ocean. Despite recent evidence showing this lateral transport of carbon is linked to anthropogenic perturbations, efforts to integrate DOM and POM fluxes across the terrestrial-aquatic continuum are just emerging. A comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of DOM and POM in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems remains challenging due to complex interactions of biogeochemical and hydrological processes at different scales, i.e. from the molecular to the landscape scale.
This session aims to improve our understanding of organic matter processing at the interface of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. We solicit contributions dealing with amounts, composition, reactivity and fate of DOM and POM and its constituents (i.e. C, N, P, S) in soils, lakes, rivers and the coastal ocean as well as the impact of land use change and climatic change on these processes. For example, it is important to recognize the key role of peatlands as sources of organic matter for many streams and rivers as well as soil erosion induced lateral fluxes of sediment and carbon at the catchment scale when assessing C dynamics across the terrestrial-aquatic continuum. Therefore, we aim to bring together scientists from various backgrounds, but all devoted to the study of dissolved and/or particulate organic matter using a broad spectrum of methodological approaches (e.g. molecular, spectroscopic, isotopic, 14C, other tracers, and modeling).

Co-organized as BG2.42/HS11.1
Convener: Karsten Kalbitz | Co-conveners: Nuria Catalan Garcia, Dolly Kothawala, Filip Oulehle
| Tue, 09 Apr, 08:30–10:15, 10:45–12:30
Room -2.20
| Attendance Tue, 09 Apr, 14:00–15:45
Hall X1

Attendance time: Tuesday, 9 April 2019, 14:00–15:45 | Hall X1

Chairperson: Núria Catalan, Dolly Kothawala
X1.258 |
Ian Boothroyd, Fred Worrall, Gareth Clay, Catherine Moody, and Jennifer Wilcox
X1.259 |
Leonardo Mena-Rivera, Charlotte Lloyd, Penny Johnes, and Richard Evershed
X1.260 |
Patrick Wordell-Dietrich, Leena Renita DSilva, Patrick Liebmann, Karsten Kalbitz, Georg Guggenberger, and Robert Mikutta
X1.261 |
Thomas Rosset, Laure Gandois, and Stéphane Binet
X1.262 |
Swati Gehlot, Stefan Hagemann, and Victor Brovkin
X1.264 |
Joep Langeveld, Lex Bouwman, Wim Joost van Hoek, Arthur Beusen, José Mogollon, Lauriane Vilmin, and Jack Middelburg
X1.265 |
Gergely Jakab, Anna Viktória Vancsik, Lili Szabó, Balázs Madarász, Tibor Filep, and Zoltán Szalai
X1.266 |
Anna Vancsik, Tibor Filep, Gergely Jakab, Balázs Madarász, Lilla Gáspár, Lili Szabó, Csilla Király, Attila Csaba Kondor, and Zoltán Szalai
X1.267 |
Stephan Krüger, Adam Wymore, William H. McDowell, and Karsten Kalbitz
X1.268 |
Samuel Abiven, Marcus Schiedung, Severin Bellè, and Alysha Coppola
X1.269 |
Julien Guigue, Toshiro Matsunaga, Takeshi Tokida, Miwa Yashima, Hirofumi Nakamura, Keiki Okazaki, Toshihiro Hasegawa, and Rota Wagai
X1.270 |
Klaus Kaiser, Pauline Winkler, Frank Hagedorn, and Robert Mikutta
X1.271 |
Svetlana Zabelina, Sergei Klimov, Ludmila Shirokova, Artem Chupakov, Oleg Pokrovsky, and Frederic Guérin
X1.272 |
Takahiro Tatsuno, Shoichiro Hamamoto, Naoto NIhei, and Taku Nishimura