Groundwater-surface water interfaces (e.g., hyporheic and benthic zones and riparian corridors) are integral components of the aquifer-river or aquifer-lake continuum. Interactions between groundwater and surface water lead to strong bi-directional influences between surface waters, aquifers and interconnecting hyporheic zones. A rapidly expanding number of research projects are now investigating the implications of hyporheic exchange on the transport and transformation of nutrients and contaminants within river networks, and on controls to heat, oxygen, and organic matter budgets available to microorganisms and macroinvertebrates in streambed sediments. However, there is still a need to better understand the links between physical, biogeochemical, and ecological process dynamics in groundwater-surface water interfaces and their implications for fluvial ecology or limnology, respectively. Furthermore, it is important to consider the response of hyporheic exchange fluxes to environmental and climatic controls at different spatial and temporal scales (e.g. river channel, alluvial aquifer, regional groundwater flow). We consider up- and downscaling and the development of a general conceptual framework and improved process understanding for groundwater-surface water interfaces as among the most urgent challenges of hyporheic zone research. Consequently, we particularly welcome contributions that aim to close these knowledge gaps and solicit both experimental and modelling studies with a focus on:

- The development and application of novel experimental methods to investigate physical, biogeochemical and ecological conditions at the groundwater-surface water interface in rivers, lakes, riparian corridors, and wetlands;

- Investigations of the role of hyporheic processes for the retention and natural attenuation of nutrients and pollutants, particularly with respect to impacts on surface water and groundwater quality;

- Hydrological, biogeochemical and ecological modelling approaches (e.g. transient storage models, coupled groundwater-surface water models etc.);

- Investigations of the implications of groundwater-surface water interactions for management and risk assessment frameworks with regard to the European Water Framework Directive.

Co-organized as BG6.5
Convener: Jen Drummond | Co-conveners: Fulvio Boano, Jan Fleckenstein, Stefan Krause, Jörg Lewandowski
| Mon, 08 Apr, 14:00–18:00
Room 2.15
| Attendance Mon, 08 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall A

Attendance time: Monday, 8 April 2019, 10:45–12:30 | Hall A

Chairperson: Fulvio Boano, Jan Fleckenstein
A.217 |
| presentation
Kasımcan Koruk, Koray K. Yilmaz, Zuhal Akyurek, and Andrew Binley
A.218 |
Jörg Lewandowski, Jonas Schaper, Anna Jäger, Malte Posselt, Jonas Mechelke, Jason Galloway, Wiebke Seher, Ignacio Peralta-Maraver, and Karin Meinikmann
A.219 |
Anne Jähkel, Christian Schmidt, and Daniel Graeber
A.220 |
Joel Blackburn, Jean-Christophe Comte, Gez Foster, Ramon J Batalla, Damia Vericat, Dubravka Pokrajac, and Christopher Gibbins
A.221 |
Nicolai Brekenfeld, Nick Kettridge, Theresa Blume, Adam Ward, Hjalmar Laudon, Kevin Bishop, David Hannah, and Stefan Krause
A.222 |
Establishing the Connectivity of Wetland Surface Hydrology to Groundwater and Stream Flow Dynamics
Greg McCarty, Sangchul Lee, Glenn Moglen, C. Nathan Jones, Margaret Palmer, and Megan Lang
A.223 |
Anna Lena Kronsbein, Benjamin Wegner, Mikael Gillefalk, Anke Putschew, Ferdi Leberecht Hellweger, Torsten C. Schmidt, Jörg Lewandowski, and Sabine Hilt
A.226 |
| presentation
Vahid Sobhi Gollo, Tabea Broecker, Gunnar Nützmann, and Reinhard Hinkelmann
A.227 |
| presentation
Enrico Bonanno, Günter Blöschl, and Julian Klaus
A.228 |
Birgit Maria Mueller, Hanna Schulz, Karin Meinikmann, and Jörg Lewandowski
A.229 |
Ben Howard, Stefan Krause, Sami Ullah, and Nicholas Kettridge
A.230 |
Guilherme Nogueira, Christian Schmidt, and Jan Fleckenstein
A.231 |
Tobias Junginger, Clarissa Glaser, Benjamin Gilfedder, Martina Werneburg, Christian Zwiener, Christiane Zarfl, and Marc Schwientek
A.232 |
Chao Deng, Philipp Wolke, Yoni Teitelbaum, Jörg Lewandowski, and Shai Arnon
A.233 |
Sabina Rakhimbekova, Denis O'Carroll, and Clare Robinson
A.234 |
Felix Grimmeisen, Heiko Apel, Heiko Thoss, Pham Kim Long, and Nguyen Hong Quan
A.235 |
Yung-Chia Chiu, Po-Syun Huang, Ting-Xin Pan, Ching-Yi Liu, Yen-Hsiang Tseng, Tsung-Yu Lee, and Shao-Yu Hsu