Soils provide many essential functions which are indispensable for terrestrial ecosystems and the health of human societies. Beyond the production of biomass these functions are nutrient cycling, filter and buffer for water, storage of carbon and habitat for an overwhelming biodiversity.
In view of an increasing pressure on agricultural soils and the need for sustainable soil management all these functions need to be taken into account. They emerge from complex interactions between physical, chemical and biological processes in soil. This need to be understood and disentangled to predict the impact of agricultural soil management on soil functions. The intention of this session is fourfold. We seek contributions which (i) broaden and advance our perspective on soil functions, (ii) enhance our current process understanding of how soil management practices impact one or more soil functions, (iii) show how to quantify soil functions based on suitable proxies or indicators and (iv) demonstrate how soils resist and recover from perturbations.

Convener: Hans-Jörg Vogel | Co-conveners: Nicolas Brüggemann, Chris Collins, Rita Grosch, Michael Schloter
| Fri, 12 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Room G1
| Attendance Fri, 12 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall X1

Attendance time: Friday, 12 April 2019, 10:45–12:30 | Hall X1

Chairperson: Nicolas Brüggemann
X1.260 |
Loraine ten Damme, Søren Kirkegaard Nielsen, Per Schjønning, Lars Juhl Munkholm, and Mathieu Lamandé
Hall X1
X1.261 |
Nebojša Nikolić, Giuseppe Zanin, Andrea Squartini, Lorenzo Marini, and Roberta Masin
Hall X1
X1.262 |
Mats Larsbo, John Koestel, Tobias Bölscher, Qarin Hellner, and Barbro Ulén
Hall X1
X1.263 |
Alessia Perego, Calogero Schillaci, and Marco Acutis
Hall X1
X1.264 |
Sixtine Cueff, Yves Coquet, Liliane Bel, Jean-Noël Aubertot, Valérie Pot, and Lionel Alletto
Hall X1
X1.265 |
João Vasco Silva, Seifeddine Jomaa, Ines Merbach, Michael Rode, Niels Anten, and Pytrik Reidsma
Hall X1
X1.266 |
Sytske Drost, Wietse de Boer, and Paul Bodelier
Hall X1
Hall X1
X1.268 |
Alexandra Giber, Jonas Hädeler, Vera Klement, Anne-Marie Zieschang, Christine Kübeck, and Christoph Schüth
Hall X1
Hall X1
X1.270 |
Anne-Karine Boulet, António Ferreira, Carla Ferreira, Adelcia Veiga, and Rudi Hessel
Hall X1
X1.271 |
Adelcia Veiga, Carla Ferreira, Luís Pinto, Anne Karine Boulet, and António Ferreira
Hall X1
X1.272 |
Characteristics of nitrogen at two typical agricultural ditches in an intensive agricultural area in the Sanjiang Plain, China
Jieran Shi
Hall X1
X1.273 |
Soil agroecological and environmental functions analysis for smart farming support and sustainable ecosystem services in modern Russia conditions
Ivan Vasenev
Hall X1
X1.274 |
Diana M. Toledo, María G.L. Acosta, Stella M. Contreras Leiva, and Ramiro Gomez
Hall X1
X1.275 |
Alix Vidal, Noelia Garcia-Franco, Andrea Sierts, Andreas Von Hessberg, Martin Wiesmeier, Carsten W. Mueller, and Michael Dannenmann
Hall X1
Hall X1
Hall X1
X1.278 |
Peatlands management has affected seasonal patterns in microbial nitrogen immobilization
Mikhail Maslov and Olga Maslova
Hall X1
X1.279 |
Alexandra Tiefenbacher and Peter Strauss
Hall X1
X1.280 |
Theresia Müller, Rene Dechow, and Anna Jacobs
Hall X1
X1.281 |
Nikita Churilin, Evgeny Varlamov, and Alexandra Churilina
Hall X1