Seismic tomography is a powerful tool for imaging the Earth’s interior and inferring its structure, composition, dynamics and evolution. Over the last decades, our images have sharpened, thanks to the growth of global and dense regional networks (on land and in the oceans), the extraction of new observables, advances in modelling techniques and increased computational power. We are now not only resolving unprecedented details on local and regional scales, but also moving towards whole-Earth tomography, including the inner core.

We welcome contributions on methods and applications of seismic tomography from the crust to the core and at scales from local to regional to global, including studies of new observables, developments in forward modelling and inversion techniques, innovative approaches to uncertainty quantification, and seismological and interdisciplinary efforts aimed at obtaining new insights into Earth's dynamics and evolution. While we welcome all studies aimed at constraining Earth structure, we particularly invite contributions that utilise passive sources.

Co-organized as GD3.7
Convener: Sergei Lebedev | Co-conveners: Ana MG Ferreira, Kasra Hosseini, Paula Koelemeijer
| Tue, 09 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Room -2.21
| Attendance Tue, 09 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall X2

Attendance time: Tuesday, 9 April 2019, 10:45–12:30 | Hall X2

Chairperson: Sergei Lebedev
X2.298 |
Vladislav Makeev and Ruslan Zhostkov
Hall X2
X2.299 |
Investigating the probable sources of Geoid Lows by cluster analysis of Global Tomographic Models
Himangshu Paul and Ravi Kumar Mangalampally
Hall X2
X2.300 |
Dirk-Philip van Herwaarden, Michael Afanasiev, Christian Boehm, Martin van Driel, Lion Krischer, Solvi Thrastarson, Jeannot Trampert, and Andreas Fichtner
Hall X2
Hall X2
X2.302 |
Rhys Hawkins, Thomas Bodin, Eric Debayle, and Malcolm Sambridge
Hall X2
X2.303 |
Eoghan Joseph Totten, Kasra Hosseini-Zad, Tarje Nissen-Meyer, and Karin Sigloch
Hall X2
X2.304 |
Frédéric Dubois, Sophie Lambotte, Christophe Zaroli, and Luis Rivera
Hall X2
X2.305 |
Mathurin dongmo wamba, Jean-paul montagner, Barbara romanowicz, Haydar karaoglu, Guilhem barruol, Gaël burgos, and Satish maurya
Hall X2
X2.306 |
Petr Kolínský, Götz Bokelmann, and AlpArray Working Group
Hall X2
X2.307 |
Neda Masouminia, Dirk-Philip van Herwaarden, Lion Krischer, Habib Rahimi, Sölvi Thrastarson, Michael Afanasiev, and Andreas Fichtner
Hall X2
X2.308 |
Pratul Ranjan, Konstantinos I. Konstantinou, and Ratri Andinisari
Hall X2
X2.309 |
Felix Borleanu, Laura Petrescu, Bogdan Enescu, Mihaela Popa, and Mircea Radulian
Hall X2
X2.310 |
Michael Grund, Franz Lutz, Joachim Ritter, and Christian Weidle
Hall X2
X2.311 |
Raffaele Bonadio, Sergei Lebedev, Thomas Meier, Pierre Arroucau, Andrew Schaeffer, Andrea Licciardi, and Nicola Piana Agostinetti
Hall X2
X2.312 |
Senad Subašić, Meysam Rezaeifar, Nicola Piana Agostinetti, Chris Bean, Sergei Lebedev, Pierre Arroucau, James Grannell, and Clare Horan
Hall X2
Hall X2
X2.314 |
Bruna Chagas de Melo, Marcelo Assumpcao, Nicolas Celli, and Sergei Lebedev
Hall X2
X2.315 |
Aristides Zenonos, Luca De Siena, and Nicholas Rawlinson
Hall X2
X2.316 |
Abdul Halim Abdul Latiff and Amin Esmail Khalil
Hall X2
X2.317 |
Harshit Agrawal and Kajaljyoti Borah
Hall X2
Hall X2
X2.319 |
Shubhasmita Biswal, Sushil Kumar, William Mohanty, and Mahesh Prasad Parija