Volcanic seismicity is fundamental for monitoring and investigating volcanic systems, their structure and processes that occur therein. Volcanoes are very complex objects, where both the pronounced heterogeneity and topography can modify the recorded signals to a great extent. In source inversion work, one of the challenges is to capture the effect of small scale heterogeneities in order to remove complex path effects from seismic data. This requires high resolution imagery, which is a significant challenge in heterogeneous volcanoes. If not removed, the path effect signature may significantly alter our interpretation of the seismic source location and mechanism. In addition, the link between the variety of physical processes beneath volcanoes and their seismic response (or lack of) is often not well known, leading to large uncertainties in the interpretation of volcano dynamics based on the seismic observations. Taking into account all these complexities, many standard techniques for seismic analysis may fail to produce breakthrough results.

In order to address the outlined challenges, this session aims to bring together seismologists, volcano and geothermal seismologists, wave propagation and source modellers, working on different aspects of volcano seismology including: (i) seismicity catalogues, statistics & spatio-temporal evolution of seismicity, (ii) seismic wave propagation & scattering, (iii) new developments in volcano imagery, (iii) seismic source inversions, and (iv) seismic time-lapse monitoring. Contribution on controlled geothermal systems in volcanic environments are also welcome.
By considering interrelationships in these complementary seismological areas, we aim to build up a coherent picture of the latest advances and outstanding challenges in volcano seismology.

Co-organized as GMPV7.7
Convener: Ivan Lokmer | Co-conveners: Chris Bean, Kristín Jónsdóttir, Vala Hjörleifsdóttir
| Fri, 12 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Room -2.91
| Attendance Fri, 12 Apr, 14:00–15:45
Hall X2

Attendance time: Friday, 12 April 2019, 14:00–15:45 | Hall X2

Chairperson: Kristín Jónsdóttir
X2.424 |
Graziella Barberi, Carla Musumeci, Domenico Patanè, Luciano Scarfì, and Giuseppina Tusa
Hall X2
X2.425 |
Ornella Cocina, Jesus Ibanez, Luciano Zuccarello, Edoardo Del Pezzo, Ignacio Castro-Melgar, and Janire Prudencio
Hall X2
X2.426 |
Bergthóra S. Thorbjarnardóttir, Revathy M. Parameswaran, and Ingi Th. Bjarnason
Hall X2
X2.427 |
Meysam Rezaeifar, Ka Lok Li, Christopher J. Bean, James Grannell, Andrew Bell, Mario Ruiz, and Cynthia J. Ebinger
Hall X2
X2.428 |
High resolution spatio-temporal distribution of volcano seismicity prior to the Sierra Negra (Galapagos Islands) eruption of 2018
Stephen Hernandez, Andrew Bell, James Grannell, Mario Ruiz, Christopher Bean, Martin Mollhoff, Ka Lok Li, Cynthia Ebinger, and Sarah Oliva
Hall X2
X2.429 |
Ka Lok Li, Christopher J. Bean, Andrew Bell, Stephen Hernandez, Mario Ruiz, Martin Möllhoff, and Cynthia J. Ebinger
Hall X2
X2.430 |
Giancarlo Spedalieri, Luciano Zuccarello, Andrea Cannata, Giuseppe Di Grazia, and Stefano Gresta
Hall X2
Hall X2
X2.432 |
Sarah Jaye Oliva, Cynthia Ebinger, Ivan Lokmer, Chris Bean, Andy Bell, Mario Ruiz, and Stephen Hernandez
Hall X2
X2.433 |
Félix Rodríguez Cardozo, Vala Hjörlefisdóttir, Kristín Jonsdóttir, Halldor Geirsson, and Arturo Iglesias
Hall X2
X2.434 |
Kristín Jónsdóttir, Félix Rodrigo Rodriguez, and Vala Hjorleifsdóttir
Hall X2
X2.435 |
Sigridur Kristjansdottir, Kristin Jonsdottir, Thomas Lecocq, Olafur Gudmundsson, Ari Tryggvason, and Michael Fehler
Hall X2
X2.436 |
Luca D'Auria, Oliver Davies, Damon B Knowles, Brittany M Russo, Alec J Tucker, Iván Cabrera, Asier Madarieta, Cecilia Morales, Jean Soubestre, and Pedro A. Hernández
Hall X2
X2.437 |
Ya-Chuan Lai, Cheng-Horng Lin, and Min-Hung Shih
Hall X2
X2.438 |
Jean-Philippe Métaxian, Agus Budi Santoso, Corentin Caudron, Noer Cholik, François Beauducel, Vadim Monteiller, Muchammad Husni Rizal, Ahmad Ali Fahmi, and .G. Made Agung Nandaka
Hall X2
X2.439 |
Riccardo Minetto, Valerie Maupin, Thomas Planes, Matteo Lupi, Karyono Karyono, and Adriano Mazzini
Hall X2
X2.440 |
Marius Isken, Sebastian Heimann, Henriette Sudhaus, Daniela Kühn, Andreas Steinberg, Simone Cesca, Torsten Dahm, Gesa Petersen, Hoby Njara Tendrisoa Razafindrakoto, and Simon Daout
Hall X2