Geophysical imaging techniques such as seismic, (complex) electrical resistivity, electromagnetic, and ground-penetrating radar methods are widely used to characterize structures and processes in the shallow subsurface. Advances in experimental design, instrumentation, data acquisition, data processing, numerical modeling, and inversion constantly push the limits of spatial and temporal resolution. Despite these advances, the interpretation of geophysical images often remains ambiguous. Persistent challenges addressed in this session include optimal data acquisition strategies, (automated) data processing and error quantification, appropriate spatial and temporal regularization of model parameters, integration of prior information and non-geophysical measurements into the imaging process, joint inversion, Bayesian inference, as well as the quantitative interpretation of tomograms through suitable petrophysical relations.

In light of these topics, we invite submissions concerning a broad spectrum of near-surface geophysical imaging methods and applications at different spatial and temporal scales. Novel developments in the combination of complementary measurement methods and process-monitoring applications are particularly welcome.

Invited speaker: Frederick D. Day-Lewis (U.S. Geological Survey)

Convener: Florian Wagner | Co-conveners: Frédéric Nguyen, Anja Klotzsche, James Irving, Andreas Kemna
| Thu, 11 Apr, 14:00–18:00
Room -2.21
| Attendance Thu, 11 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall X2

Attendance time: Thursday, 11 April 2019, 10:45–12:30 | Hall X2

Chairperson: Andreas Kemna
Surface wave analysis
Hall X2
X2.326 |
Shichuan Yuan, Xiaofei Chen, and Zhenguo Zhang
Hall X2
X2.327 |
Lei Pan, Xiaofei Chen, and Zhentao Yang
Hall X2
X2.328 |
Zhentao Yang, Xiaofei Chen, Lei Pan, Jiannan Wang, Jianxia Xu, and Dazhou Zhang
Hall X2
Hall X2
Hall X2
X2.331 |
Hadrien Michel, Thomas Hermans, and Frédéric Nguyen
Hall X2
X2.332 |
Laura Valentina Socco, Myrto Papadopoulou, Da Col Federico, Colombero Chiara, Bäckström Emma, Marsden Paul, and Malehmir Alireza
Hall X2
Seismic imaging
Hall X2
X2.333 |
Philippe Dales, Florent Brenguier, Laura Pinzon, Pierre Boue, Nick Arndt, Sophie Beaupretre, John McBride, Rosemary Fayjaloun, and Gerrit Olivier
Hall X2
X2.334 |
Thomas Burschil, Hermann Buness, David Colin Tanner, and Gerald Gabriel
Hall X2
X2.335 |
Matthias Zillmer, Fatou Doukoure, and Jean-Michel Marthelot
Hall X2
X2.336 |
Katrin Peters-Poethke, Jens Zeiß, and Florian Bleibinhaus
Hall X2
X2.337 |
Jiajia Yang and Xiwu Luan
Hall X2
X2.338 |
Yueyang Xia, Dirk Klaeschen, Heidrun Kopp, and Michael Schnabel
Hall X2
X2.339 |
Shinya Katoh, Yoshihisa Iio, Takuo Shibutani, Hiroshi Katao, Masayo Sawada, and Kazuhide Tomisaka
Hall X2
X2.340 |
Jasper Hoffmann, Andrew Gorman, Gareth Crutchley, Aaron Micallef, Joshu Mountjoy, and Tanita Averes
Hall X2
X2.341 |
Andrew Gorman, Christina Riesselman, Oliver Rees, and Patrick Fletcher
Hall X2
X2.342 |
Janina Kammann, Egon Nørmark, Alireza Malehmir, Bojan Brodic, and Lars Nielsen
Hall X2
Geoelectrical methods
Hall X2
X2.343 |
David Gomez-Ortiz, Tomas Martin-Crespo, Silvia Martin-Velazquez, Javier Lillo, Cristina De Ignacio, Pedro Martinez-Pagan, and Angel Faz
Hall X2
Hall X2
X2.345 |
Feras Abdulsamad, André Revil, Abdellahi Soueid-Ahmed, Antoine Coperey, Marios Karaoulis, Sylvie Nicaise, and Laurent Peyras
Hall X2
X2.346 |
Rhea Isabel von Bülow, Norbert Klitzsch, Denise Degen, and Florian Wellmann
Hall X2
Hall X2
X2.348 |
Florian M. Wagner, Coline Mollaret, Thomas Günther, Sebastian Uhlemann, Baptiste Dafflon, Susan S. Hubbard, Christian Hauck, and Andreas Kemna
Hall X2
Electromagnetic induction and ground-penetrating radar methods
Hall X2
X2.349 |
Rui Jorge Oliveira, Bento Caldeira, Teresa Teixidó, and José Fernando Borges
Hall X2
X2.350 |
Jose Arnoso, David Gomez-Ortiz, Isabel Blanco-Montenegro, Tomás Martin-Crespo, Mercedes Solla, Fuensanta G. Montesinos, Emilio Vélez, and Nieves Sánchez
Hall X2
X2.351 |
Justine Molron, Niklas Linde, Ludovic Baron, Diane Doolaeghe, Johanna Ragvald, Peter Andersson, Jan-Olof Selroos, Tanguy Le Borgne, Caroline Darcel, and Philippe Davy
Hall X2
X2.352 |
Mostafa Toni, Toshiaki Yokoi, and Medhat El Rayess