Ambient seismic noise, once regarded as a nuisance, is now a core part of the seismological toolkit. Tomographic images are constructed from surface waves within small arrays and on the continental scale. Reflected waves are recovered from cross- and autocorrelations of the ambient field at local and teleseismic distances. Temporal variations of wave velocities and impedance structure are observed in the very shallow subsurface and at significant depth and led to the discovery of dynamic processes in the subsurface with relevance for earthquake triggering and relaxation, volcano and landslide dynamics as well as for the production from hydrocarbon reservoirs and geothermal fields. Established techniques are now routinely applied but new types of applications and continuing developments of new processing strategies constantly extend the capabilities of the noise based techniques. In addition, there are many unknowns related to the distributed and temporally variable sources of ambient vibrations. This variability affects the stability of seismic ‘noise correlation’ signals which leads to uncertainties in the seismic images and complicated time-lapse observations.

In this session, we focus on open questions and methodological advances in seismic interferometry and ambient noise based seismology. We invite (A) contributions on new methodological approaches in seismic interferometry and noise processing (B) studies of time variations of elastic material properties and (C) investigations of the sources of the ambient seismic noise.

This extends to evaluations of the accuracy of noise-based measurements for use in tomography or time-dependent imaging. It includes theoretical advances, such as the use of deconvolution or those exploring the role of source distribution or scattering, as well as methodological improvements and alternative processing techniques aimed at enhancing the quality of the correlations. Understanding the noise generation processes (microseisms, hum, microbaroms, etc) and causes of temporal variations of the noise field and the medium properties (dynamic and static stress changes, hydrology, etc.), and their effects on noise correlations is of fundamental interest in this context.

Invited speaker: Lise Retailleau (Stanford, USA)

Convener: Céline Hadziioannou | Co-conveners: Laura Ermert, Gregor Hillers, Anne Obermann, Christoph Sens-Schönfelder
| Fri, 12 Apr, 14:00–15:45, 16:15–18:00
Room D1
| Attendance Fri, 12 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall X2

Attendance time: Friday, 12 April 2019, 10:45–12:30 | Hall X2

Chairperson: Laura Ermert & Céline Hadziioannou
X2.442 |
Dimitrios Giannopoulos, Athanasios Lois, Konstantinos Leontarakis, Katerina Polychronopoulou, Nikolaos Martakis, Sylvain Calassou, Magali Collin, Sebastien Chevrot, Matthieu Sylvander, Antonio Villaseñor, Jordi Diaz, and Adnand Bitri
Hall X2
X2.443 |
Maximilien Lehujeur, Sébastien Chevrot, Laurent Stehly, jacques Brives, and Magali Collin
Hall X2
X2.444 |
pierre boué, jacques brives, laurent stehly, maximilien lehujeur, sebastien chevrot, matthieu sylvander, and magali collin
Hall X2
X2.445 |
Faezeh Shirmohammadi, Cornelis Weemstra, Deyan Draganov, and kees Wapenaar
Hall X2
X2.446 |
Antonio García-Jerez, Francisco Luzón, Francisco J. Sánchez-Sesma, Helena Seivane, Maik Neukirch, Luis Molina, Manuel Navarro, Antonio Villaseñor, Francisco Navarro, Antonio M. Posadas, and José Piña-Flores
Hall X2
X2.447 |
Juan I. Pinzón López, Susana Custódio, Graça Silveira, Luis Matias, and Frank Krüger
Hall X2
X2.448 |
Jiří Kvapil, Jaroslava Plomerová, Vladislav Babuška, and Luděk Vecsey and the AlpArray working groups
Hall X2
Hall X2
X2.450 |
Dorian Soergel, Helle Pedersen, Laurent Stehly, Ludovic Margerin, and Anne Paul and the AlpArray Working Group
Hall X2
X2.451 |
Giuseppe Maggio and Chris Bean
Hall X2
Hall X2
X2.453 |
Mikaël Garden, Sven Schippkus, and Götz Bokelmann
Hall X2
X2.454 |
Dirk Becker, Thore Kruse, Fabian Dethof, Christian Weidle, Celine Hadziioannou, and Thomas Meier
Hall X2
X2.455 |
David Craig, Chris Bean, and Florian LePape
Hall X2
X2.456 |
Jonas Igel, Laura Ermert, and Andreas Fichtner
Hall X2
Hall X2
X2.458 |
Alejandro Duran, Anne Obermann, Thomas Planès, and Roel Snieder
Hall X2
Hall X2
X2.461 |
Monitoring changes in seismic velocity in response to different failure events with ambient noise interferometry
Gerrit Olivier and Florent Brenguier
Hall X2
X2.462 |
Christoph Sens-Schönfelder, Tom Eulenfeld, and Robert Greed
Hall X2
X2.463 |
Andres Barajas, Piero Poli, Nicola D'Agostino, Francesco Fiorillo, Ludovic Margerin, and Michel Campillo
Hall X2
X2.464 |
Cornelis Weemstra, Janneke de Laat, Arie Verdel, Philippe Jousset, Gylfi Páll Hersier, and Hanna Blanck