The JAXA and NASA space missions Hayabusa 2 and Osiris-Rex have the ambitious objective to orbit around two primitive carbonaceous Near Earth Asteroids (162173 Ryugu and 101955 Bennu) to understand the origin and evolution of the Solar System. The two missions will collect samples of the two bodies and return back them to the Earth for further and more accurate analysis in laboratory. At the time of the EGU Assembly, Hayabusa 2 will likely have already published their first results about Ryugu and Osiris-Rex will have started to survey of Bennu. This session is open to all the scientists directly involved in the two missions to show the first results obtained so far, and to discuss possible links between the two objects. Nevertheless, we invite all other scientists to present their scientific discussions, modelling, laboratory simulations about these two primitive NEA’s. We believe that this session is rare opportunity to show the hot scientific results of Hayabusa 2 and Osiris-Rex involving a scientific audience much wider than the specific planetary science community

Convener: Ernesto Palomba | Co-conveners: Fabrizio Dirri, Stephan Ulamec, Makoto Yoshikawa
| Attendance Tue, 09 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Hall X4

Attendance time: Tuesday, 9 April 2019, 16:15–18:00 | Hall X4

Chairperson: Ernesto Palomba, Fabrizio Dirri, Stephan Ulamec, Makoto Yoshikawa
X4.144 |
Matthias Grott, Jörg Knollenberg, Maximilian Hamm, Kazunori Ogawa, Ralf Jaumann, Katharina Otto, Klaus Dieter Matz, Nicole Schmitz, Alexander Koncz, Frank Trauthan, Hiroki Senshu, Tatsuaki Okada, Ekkehard Kührt, Jens Biele, Wladimir Neumann, Martin Knapmeyer, Jörn Helbert, Alessandro Maturilli, Nils Müller, and Axel Hagermann and the MARA Team
X4.145 |
Spectrophotometric properties of a Ryugu rock as seen by the MASCOT camera
Stefan Schröder, Ralf Jaumann, Katharina Otto, Katrin Stephan, Nicole Schmitz, Alexander Koncz, Harald Michaelis, Stefano Mottola, Frank Trauthan, and Seiji Sugita
X4.146 |
Yuichiro Cho, Tomokatsu Morota, Masanori Kanamaru, Carolyn Ernst, Olivier Barnouin, Katharina Otto, Nicole Schmitz, Roland Wagner, Ralf Jaumann, Masatoshi Hirabayashi, Tatsuhiro Michikami, Hirdy Miyamoto, Hiroshi Kikuchi, Ryodo Hemmi, Naru Hirata, Eri Tatsumi, and Seiji Sugita and the ONC team
X4.147 |
Surface Geology of Near Earth Asteroid (162173) Ryugu from in-situ Observations: Results from the MASCOT Camera.
Ralf Jaumann, Nicole Schmitz, Stefan Schröder, Katharina Otto, Stefan Elgner, and Katrin Stephan and the MASCOT Camera Team
X4.148 |
Rosario Brunetto and Kohei Kitazato and the Hayabusa2/NIRS3 team
X4.149 |
| Highlight
Seiji Sugita, Rie Honda, Tomokatsu Morota, Shingo Kameda, Eri Tatsumi, Chikatoshi Honda, Yasuhiro Yokota, Toru Kouyama, Naoya Sakatani, Manabu Yamada, Hidehiko Suzuki, Kazuo Yoshioka, Yuichiro Cho, Moe Matsuoka, Kazunori Ogawa, Deborah Domingue, Hideaki Miyamoto, Olivier Barnouin, Patrick Michel, and Carolyn Ernst and the Hayabusa2 Project Team
X4.150 |
Jens Biele, Patrick Michel, Seiji Sugita, Grott Matthias, Naoya Sakatani, Wladimir Neumann, Shingo Kameda, Tatsuhiro Michikami, and Chikatoshi Honda