New observations and modeling allow us to investigate the underlying processes responsible for volcanic and non-volcanic rift and passive margin formation. Key questions to be resolved include 1) what controls the amount and distribution of magmatism during volcanic to non-volcanic rift and passive margin formation. 2) How does magmatism impact the tectonic evolution of these systems and what are the structural and rheological controls of magmatism and feedbacks on tectonic deformation. 3) How are structural style of passive margin formation and magmatism linked? 4) What are the consequences of magmatic versus a-magmatic systems for the associated sedimentary basins? 5) What is the depositional environment for formation of seaward dipping reflector sequences and which processes control anomalous vertical motions during basin evolution? We encourage abstracts that offer new insights into processes underlying volcanic and non volcanic rift-passive margin formation from rift to ridge, using constraints from observations and modeling.

Co-organized as GD5.8/GMPV7.9
Convener: Ritske S. Huismans | Co-conveners: Romain Beucher, Sara Moron-Pollanco, Delphine Rouby, Leni Scheck-Wenderoth
| Mon, 08 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Room K1
| Attendance Wed, 10 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall X2

Attendance time: Wednesday, 10 April 2019, 10:45–12:30 | Hall X2

Chairperson: Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, Sara Moron-Polanco, Romain Beucher
X2.169 |
Yanghui Zhao, Weiwei Ding, Shaoru Yin, Jiabiao Li, Jie Zhang, and Hanghang Ding
X2.170 |
Artiom Loparev, Delphine Rouby, Dominique Chardon, Massimo Dall'Asta, Flora Bajolet, Jing Ye, and Fabien Paquet
X2.171 |
Dariusz Wójcik, Wojciech Czuba, Tomasz Janik, Vera Schlindwein, and Florian Schmid
X2.172 |
Ingo Grevemeyer, Valenti Sallares, Cesar R. Ranero, Rafael Bartolomé, Manel Prada, Luis Batista, and Marta Neres
X2.173 |
Udo Barckhausen, Ingo Heyde, Heidrun Kopp, and Mark Hannington
X2.174 |
Li Yaqing, Li Chunfeng, Pinheiro Luis, Neres Marta, Wang Yingmin, Terrinha Pedro, and Zitellini Nevio
X2.175 |
Simon Tomasi, Nick Kuznir, Frank Despinois, and Gianreto Manataschal
X2.176 |
Elena Ros, Marta Pérez-Gussinyé, Mario Araujo, Miguel Andres-Martinez, and Jason P. Morgan
X2.177 |
Thomas Theunissen, Ritske S. Huismans, Frank Despinois, Ringenbach Jean-Claude, and Sapin Francois
X2.178 |
Claudio A. Salazar Mora, Ritske S. Huismans, Haakon Fossen, and Marcos Egydio Sylva
X2.179 |
Judith Bott, Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, and Mauro Cacace
X2.180 |
James Norcliffe, Douglas Paton, Estelle Mortimer, Andrew McCaig, and Karyna Rodriguez
X2.181 |
Geodynamics of the mountain-basin coupling in Qinglong area, Hebei, eastern North China Craton
Boran Liu
X2.182 |
Anett Blischke, Bryndís Brandsdóttir, Ögmundur Erlendsson, Sverre Planke, and Carmen Gaina
X2.183 |
Hans Jørgen Kjøll, Torgeir B. Andersen, Olivier Galland, Fernando Corfu, Loic Labrousse, Christian Tegner, and Sverre Planke
X2.184 |
Laura Berdi, Manel Prada, Brian O'Reilly, Patrick Shannon, and Peter Haughton