Terrestrial planets are complex systems. Their evolution is dependent on a wide array of different mechanisms and how they interact together. The aim of this session is to emphasize the importance of coupling between different layers of the terrestrial planets and
feedback processes. For example, surface conditions are dependent on atmosphere composition, which results from early and on-going degassing, atmospheric losses and chemistry, and chemical reactions with the surface. In turn, surface conditions can affect the
habitability of the planet. Changes in surface temperature affect surface alteration processes as well as volatile exchanges and might even govern the tectonic regime.
We welcome contributions focused on a single terrestrial body as well as from comparative planetology. Both solar system bodies and exoplanets studies are covered. This session will bring together scientists from a wide range of domains and examine how they can affect planetary evolution. Targeted disciplines include mantle dynamics, planetary structure and composition, tectonic regimes, geomagnetism, volcanism, surface interaction/erosion, atmospheric sciences, volatile cycling, climate and habitability.

Co-organized as PS1.10
Convener: Gregor Golabek | Co-convener: Cédric Gillmann
| Thu, 11 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Room -2.32
| Attendance Wed, 10 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Hall X2

Attendance time: Wednesday, 10 April 2019, 16:15–18:00 | Hall X2

Chairperson: Cédric Gillmann, Gregor Golabek
X2.298 |
Açelya Ballı, Oğuz Göğüş, A.M. Celal Şengör, and Paul Byrne
X2.299 |
Cédric Gillmann, Gregor Golabek, Sean Raymond, Paul Tackley, Maria Schoenbaechler, Veronique Dehant, and Vinciane Debaille
X2.300 |
Tobias Meier, Dan J. Bower, Tim Lichtenberg, and Mark Hammond
X2.301 |
Joseph O'Rourke, Cedric Gillmann, and Paul Tackley
X2.302 |
Gregor Golabek, Francis Nimmo, Taras Gerya, Paul Schenk, and Alain Plattner
X2.303 |
Martin Turbet, Cedric Gillmann, François Forget, Baptiste Baudin, James Head, Ashley Palumbo, and Özgür Karatekin
X2.304 |
Giulio Solferino and Gregor Golabek
X2.306 |
Anaïs Kobsch and Razvan Caracas
X2.307 |
Natalia Solomatova, Razvan Caracas, and Craig Manning
X2.308 |
Irene Bonati, Tim Lichtenberg, Daniel Bower, Miles Timpe, and Sascha Quanz
X2.309 |
Change in methane surface flux due to seasonal variations on Mars
Elodie Gloesener, Özgür Karatekin, and Véronique Dehant
X2.310 |
The Relative Influence of H2O and CO2 on the Primitive Surface Conditions and Evolution of Rocky Planets
Arnaud Salvador, Helene Massol, Anne Davaille, Emmanuel Marcq, Philippe Sarda, and Eric Chassefière
X2.311 |
Kar Wai Cheng, Antoine Rozel, Maxim Ballmer, and Paul Tackley
X2.312 |
Costanza Rossi, Paola Cianfarra, Francesco Salvini, Olivier Bourgeois, and Gabriel Tobie