Forest ecosystems are changing under climate change, and forests in mountain regions could be particularly sensitive to those changes. This poses substantial challenges to forest and landscape management, as mountain forests provide important ecosystem functions and services, such as water purification and protection from natural hazards. Yet, our understanding of how mountain forests might be impacted from climate change is still patchy. The aim of the session consequently is to compile current knowledge on climate change impacts on mountain forests ecosystems across the globe. Mountain forests are defined in a broad sense, covering all biomes from the tropics to the boreal zone. Potential topics might include, but are not limited to, changing disturbance regimes, impacts on ecosystem functions and services, changing structure and growth, and effects of human land use and changing societal demands on mountain forests. We hope to gather a broad transect of mountain forests ecosystems, synthesizing current challenges and future trends of mountain forest research.

Convener: Cornelius Senf | Co-conveners: Olalla Díaz-Yáñez, Juha Honkaniemi
| Attendance Thu, 11 Apr, 14:00–15:45
Hall A

Attendance time: Thursday, 11 April 2019, 14:00–15:45 | Hall A

Chairperson: Olalla Díaz Yáñez, Juha Honkaniemi, Cornelius Senf,
A.323 |
| Highlight
| presentation
Julius Sebald, Cornelius Senf, Micha Heiser, Christian Scheidl, Dirk Pflugmacher, and Rupert Seidl
A.325 |
| presentation
Eloisa Lasso, Rachel Gallery, Carol Garzón-López, and Jorge Curiel-Yuste
A.328 |
Jonathan Schurman, Cornelius Senf, and Miroslav Svoboda
A.329 |
Elena Marinova, Renske Hoevers, and Spassimir Tonkov
A.330 |
Projected Agriculture, Forest and Other Land Use (AFOLU) in response to climate change scenarios for SAARC nations
(withdrawn after no-show)
Ram Kumar Singh, Vinay Shankar Prasad Sinha, and P. K. Joshi Joshi