The Oman Drilling Project (OmanDP; 2016-2018) has recovered 3200 m of diamond drillcore that sample three intervals within the gabbroic lower crust, the crust-mantle transition, partially serpentinised peridotite undergoing active alteration, and the transition from the mantle into the underlying metamorphic sole of the Samail ophiolite in Oman, arguably the best-preserved ophiolite. Most of the boreholes have been geophysically logged and the cores have undergone extensive IODP standard core description onboard the DV Chikyu, supplemented with X-ray CT and high resolution infrared scanning of the entire core. These cores and boreholes can be used to investigate the full spectrum of processes operating during the formation and modification of oceanic crust and shallow mantle. These processes involve mass and energy transfer between all the major components of the Earth system (the mantle, the crust, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere and the biosphere) and occur over a broad range of temperatures, depths and tectonic settings. In this session, we invite abstracts relating to the Oman Drilling Project including core analysis, geophysical logging and microbial studies as well as studies related to the Samail ophiolite and the oceanic lithosphere in general.

Co-organized as BG1.61/TS9.13
Convener: Michelle Harris | Co-conveners: Marguerite Godard, Damon Teagle
| Tue, 09 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Room -2.91
| Attendance Tue, 09 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Hall X2

Attendance time: Tuesday, 9 April 2019, 08:30–10:15 | Hall X2

Chairperson: Michelle Harris
X2.245 |
Andreas Scharf, Frank Mattern, Daniel Moraetis, Ivan Callegari, and Christian Weidle
X2.246 |
Christian Weidle, Lars Wiesenberg, Thomas Meier, Philippe Agard, Celine Ducassou, and Issa El-Hussain
X2.247 |
Christopher Bailey, Cecilia Hurtado, Andreas Scharf, and Frank Mattern
X2.248 |
David Goldberg, Gilles Guerin, and Philippe Pezard and the OmanDP participant team
X2.249 |
Antony Morris, Matthew Meyer, Mark Anderson, and Christopher MacLeod
X2.250 |
Carole Berthod, Lydéric France, Christian Nicollet, Maéva Lombard, Baptiste Debret, Benoit Ildefonse, and Juergen Koepke
X2.251 |
Ana P. Jesus, Juergen Koepke, João Mata, and Oman Drilling Project Phase 1 Science Party
X2.252 |
Michelle Harris, Damon Teagle, Barbara Zihlmann, Matthew Cooper, Marta Grabowska, Kellon Booker, Alex Taylor, Katsuyoshi Michibayashi, Juancarlos de Obeso, Craig Manning, Marguerite Godard, and Oman Drilling Project Phase 1 Science Party
X2.253 |
Damon Teagle, Matthew Cooper, Michelle Harris, Laura Crispini, Wayne-Pat Shanks III, and Peter Kelemen and the Oman Drilling Project Science Party
X2.254 |
Gretchen L. Früh-Green, Marta Grabowska, Ryosuke Oyanagi, Kosuke Kimura, Atsushi Okamoto, Tomoaki Morishita, Akihiro Tamura, Frieder Klein, Damon A. H. Teagle, Eiichi Takazawa, Judith A. Coggon, Jürg M. Matter, Peter B. Kelemen, and OmanDP Phase 2 Science Party
X2.255 |
Lotta Ternieten, Gretchen L. Früh-Green, and Stefano M. Bernasconi
X2.256 |
Dennis Quandt, Peter Micheuz, Walter Kurz, Tobias Kluge, Ronny Boch, Dorothee Hippler, Kurt Krenn, and Christoph Hauzenberger