The session deals with the documentation and modelling of the tectonic, deformation and geodetic features of any type of volcanic area, on Earth and in the Solar System. The focus is on advancing our understanding on any type of deformation of active and non-active volcanoes, on the associated behaviours, and the implications for hazards. We welcome contributions based on results from fieldwork, remote-sensing studies, geodetic and geophysical measurements, analytical, analogue and numerical simulations, and laboratory studies of volcanic rocks.
Studies may be focused at the regional scale, investigating the tectonic setting responsible for and controlling volcanic activity, both along divergent and convergent plate boundaries, as well in intraplate settings. At a more local scale, all types of surface deformation in volcanic areas are of interest, such as elastic inflation and deflation, or anelastic processes, including caldera and flank collapses. Deeper, sub-volcanic deformation studies, concerning the emplacement of intrusions, as sills, dikes and laccoliths, are most welcome.
We also particularly welcome geophysical data aimed at understanding magmatic processes during volcano unrest. These include geodetic studies obtained mainly through GPS and InSAR, as well as at their modelling to imagine sources.

The session includes, but is not restricted to, the following topics:
• volcanism and regional tectonics;
• formation of magma chambers, laccoliths, and other intrusions;
• dyke and sill propagation, emplacement, and arrest;
• earthquakes and eruptions;
• caldera collapse, resurgence, and unrest;
• flank collapse;
• volcano deformation monitoring;
• volcano deformation and hazard mitigation;
• volcano unrest;
• mechanical properties of rocks in volcanic areas.

Co-organized as G3.10/NH2.5/TS10.2
Convener: Valerio Acocella | Co-conveners: Agust Gudmundsson, Michael Heap, Sigurjon Jonsson, Virginie Pinel
| Wed, 10 Apr, 10:45–12:30, 14:00–18:00
Room D1
| Attendance Thu, 11 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Hall X2

Attendance time: Thursday, 11 April 2019, 16:15–18:00 | Hall X2

X2.261 |
Gilles Seropian, Ben M. Kennedy, C. Ian Schipper, Jon M. Castro, Brent V. Alloway, and Pablo B. Forte
X2.263 |
Elias Pitzke, Paul Leon Göllner, Jan Oliver Eisermann, Ivan Petrinovic, and Ulrich Riller
X2.264 |
Javiera Ruz Ginouves, John Browning, José Cembrano, Gerd Sielfeld, Pablo Iturrieta, and Ashley Stanton-Yonge
X2.265 |
Muriel Gerbault, Fabrice Fontaine, Riad Hassani, and Aline Peltier
X2.267 |
Mimmo Palano, Domenico Bella, Stefano Calcaterra, Nicola D'Agostino, and Piera Gambino
X2.268 |
Mariangela Sciotto, Andrea Cannata, Flavio Cannavo, and Giuseppe Di Grazia
X2.269 |
Silvia Puliero, Giulia Tessari, Mario Floris, Andrea Marzoli, and Paolo Pasquali
X2.270 |
Gabriela Nogo Retnaningtyas Bunga Naen, Atsushi Toramaru, Tomoharu Miyamato, and Haryo Edi Wibowo
X2.271 |
Konstantina Bejelou, Dimitrios Papanikolaou, Paraskevi Nomikou, Stephanos Kilias, and Jonathan Naden
X2.272 |
Zara Franceschini, Raffaello Cioni, Giacomo Corti, Federico Sani, Stephane Scaillet, Ilaria Isola, Francesco Mazzarini, Asfaw Erbello, Ameha Muluneh, and Sascha Brune
X2.273 |
Joël Ruch, Derek Keir, Ghebrebrhan Ogubazghi, Domenico Di Giacomo, and Sigurjón Jónsson
X2.274 |
Gianmaria Tortelli, Mauro Rosi, Anna Gioncada, and Carolina Pagli
X2.275 |
Eruptive dynamics during the Solfatara maar forming eruption
Roberto Isaia, Antonella Bertagnini, Daniela Mele, Marco Pistolesi, and Francesco d'Assisi Tramparulo
X2.279 |
Ozgur Karaoglu, John Browning, Mohamed K. Salah, Abdelsalam Elshaafi, and Agust Gudmundsson
X2.280 |
Erica De Paolo, Thomas Walter, Edgar Zorn, Diego Coppola, Marco Laiolo, Francesco Massimetti, and Maurizio Battaglia
X2.283 |
John Browning, Thomas Mitchell, Philip Meredith, Jose Cembrano, Carlos Marquardt, Pedro Cordeiro, David Healy, Valerio Acocella, Agust Gudmundsson, Nobuo Geshi, Kyriaki Drymoni, and Ozgur Karaoglu
X2.284 |
Daniel Woodell, Martin Schöpfer, Eoghan Holohan, and Bernhard Grasemann
X2.285 |
Kyriaki Drymoni, John Browning, and Agust Gudmundsson
X2.286 |
Mohsen Bazargan, Azizah Al Shehri, and Agust Gudmundsson
X2.287 |
Claudia Pellicioli, Gianluca Groppelli, Roberto Sulpizio, Jose Luis Macias, and Laura Garcia-Sanchez