Magmatic and volcanic systems involve a range of dynamic processes that govern magma generation, ascent, emplacement, and eruption. The timescales of these processes are of paramount importance to understanding the evolution of magmatic reservoirs and mush zones during crystallization, assimilation, mixing, and volatile exsolution. Depending on the ascent timescale, these processes may operate far from compositional and textural equilibrium, induced by rapidly changing environmental parameters (e.g., P, T, fO2).

Rates and mechanisms of crustal emplacement or eruption, are also crucial in characterizing volcanic hazards. We welcome analytical, numerical, experimental, geophysical, and field-based studies addressing rates and timescales of volcanic and plutonic processes. These may include radiogenic isotope dating, mineral geospeedometry, in situ X-ray microtomography experiments, crystal size distribution analysis, and fluid dynamics. Also, we welcome interdisciplinary studies probing the mechanisms and timescales of volcanic phenomena. We finally encourage studies highlighting the role of time in characterizing volcanic hazards and how improved knowledge adds societal support for fast response to rapidly evolving geological processes.

Co-sponsored by AGU
Convener: Madison Myers | Co-conveners: Fabio Arzilli, Maurizio Petrelli, Mattia Pistone
| Tue, 09 Apr, 14:00–15:45
Room -2.91
| Attendance Mon, 08 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Hall X2

Attendance time: Monday, 8 April 2019, 16:15–18:00 | Hall X2

Chairperson: Mattia Pistone
X2.298 |
Alessandro Frontoni, Alessandro Vona, Guido Giordano, Marco Viccaro, and Claudia Romano
X2.299 |
Madison Myers, Tim Druitt, Lucia Gurioli, Federica Schiavi, and Taya Flaherty
X2.300 |
Emily Bamber, Fabio Arzilli, Margherita Polacci, Giuseppe La Spina, Margaret Hartley, Jonathan Fellowes, Danilo Di Genova, David Chavarría, Mattia De' Michieli Vitturi, and Mike Burton
X2.301 |
Fabio Arzilli, Giuseppe La Spina, Mike Burton, Margherita Polacci, Nolwenn Le Gall, Margaret Hartley, Danilo Di Genova, Biao Cai, Nghia Vo, Emily Bamber, Sara Nonni, Robert Atwood, Ed Llewellin, and Peter Lee
X2.302 |
Maurizio Petrelli, Kamal El Omari, Laura Spina, Yves Le Guer, Giuseppe La Spina, and Diego Perugini
X2.303 |
Diego Perugini, Stefano Rossi, Maurizio Petrelli, Daniele Morgavi, Francesco P. Vetere, Renat R. Almeev, and Rebecca L. Astbury
X2.304 |
Michele Cassetta, Daniele Morgavi, Diego Perugini, Maurizio Petrelli, Stefano Rossi, Francesco Vetere, Marco Zanatta, and Gino Mariotto
X2.305 |
A new Mg#cpx -thermometer relevant to shoshonitic magmas: Implications for Fe-Mg diffusion modeling and sector zoning in clinopyroxenes from Stromboli
Piergiorgio Scarlato, Silvio Mollo, Chiara Maria Petrone, Teresa Ubide, and Flavio Di Stefano
X2.306 |
Flavio Di Stefano, Piergiorgio Scarlato, Silvio Mollo, Chiara Petrone, Teresa Ubide, Manuela Nazzari, and Daniele Andronico
X2.307 |
Mickael Laumonier, Didier Laporte, Francois Faure, Ariel Provost, Pierre Schiano, and Kazuhiko Ito
X2.308 |
Mie Ichihara, Shiori Takeda, Masatoshi Ohashi, Osamu Kuwano, and Masaharu Kameda
X2.310 |
Timescales of magma storage and dynamics of volcanic unrest at Vulcano island (southern Italy) during the last 1000 years
Eugenio Nicotra, Marisa Giuffrida, Marco Viccaro, Paola Donato, Claudia D'Oriano, Antonio Paonita, and Rosanna De Rosa
X2.311 |
Nicolò Rubens Sgreva, Ichiro Kumagai, Anne Davaille, and Kei Kurita
X2.312 |
Réka Lukács, Axel K. Schmitt, Luca Caricchi, Olivier Bachmann, Marcel Guillong, Kata Molnár, and Szabolcs Harangi
X2.313 |
Chiara P Montagna and Federico Brogi