In active volcanic systems the seismic source mechanisms are often driven by the interactions between the circulating fluids and the surrounding solid structures. Understanding the dynamics of the processes involved in these interactions is necessary to characterize the overall behavior of a volcano and the eventual transition mechanisms among stationarity, unrest phase and eruption. The starting point in this context is to have high-quality data (seismological, geochemical, geodetic, etc.) on several parameters, acquired both over several years of monitoring activity and focused field experiments, providing the opportunities to interrogate relevant physicochemical processes at diverse spatial and temporal scale. .
This session is addressed to those contributions that shed light on solid-fluid coupling processes in active volcanic systems over different time scales, with implications for early warning and hazards. In this context, studies that concern changes in the status of volcanic activity, which are relevant for the characterization of a volcano dynamical behavior or the identification of possible eruption precursors, throughout field experiments or analytical studies, are also welcome. In particular, contributions that adopt innovative techniques or multi-disciplinary approaches involving seismological data are strongly encouraged.

Convener: Mariarosaria Falanga | Co-conveners: Paola Cusano, Enza De Lauro, Simona Petrosino, Teh-Ru Alex Song
| Attendance Wed, 10 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Hall X2

Attendance time: Wednesday, 10 April 2019, 16:15–18:00 | Hall X2

Chairperson: Mariarosaria Falanga, Paola Cusano, Enza De Lauro, Simona Petrosino, Teh-Ru Alex Song
X2.392 |
Ground tilt observations in the Calabria Arc System: an active geodynamic area of Southern Italy
Anna Albano
X2.393 |
Gravity tidal field in an active geodynamic area of southern Italy: the Calabrian Arc system
Vincenzo Carbone and Anna Albano
X2.394 |
Umberto Tammaro, Vittorio Romano, Umberto Riccardi, and Paolo Capuano
X2.395 |
| Highlight
Simona Petrosino, Paola Cusano, and Paolo Madonia
X2.397 |
Paola Cusano, Enza De Lauro, Mariarosaria Falanga, and Simona Petrosino
X2.399 |
| solicited
Jieming Niu, Simona Petrosino, Mariarosaria Falanga, and Teh-Ru Alex Song
X2.401 |
Konstantinos Konstantinou, Mei-Astrid Ardiani, and Maria Sudibyo