OS4.1 | PICO
Open session on ocean processes and techniques and advances due to new instruments and techniques
Convener: Remi Tailleux | Co-conveners: Antonio Olita, Federica Pessini, Simon Ruiz, Karen J. Heywood
| Tue, 09 Apr, 14:00–15:45
PICO spot 4

This open session welcomes presentations in all aspects of ocean processes and oceanographic techniques that are not covered in specialised sessions, as well as advances due to new instruments and techniques such as gliders and AUVs. This includes all marine disciplines as well as interaction with the atmosphere and the cryosphere. Global studies and topics that have global relevance are welcome (i.e. both open ocean and shelf seas). Studies focusing on ocean processes might include turbulent mixing, phytoplankton bloom initiation, or air-sea interactions, for example. Studies about the development of new oceanographic techniques might include robotics, design of numerical models or parameterisations, applications of novel instrumentation, or novel applications of traditional technology.

This session will also provide an open forum for interdisciplinary discussions of the latest advances in oceanographic applications of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), including their use and complementary in combination with other platforms. Examples of possible additional topics include physical (e.g. hydrology, hydrodynamics, acoustic, optic), geochemical (e.g. nutrients ) and biological (e.g. primary and secondary production, biomasses) variability of the ocean, ocean processes at different spatial and temporal scales (from ocean turbulence to basin-wide circulation), and interactions between the ocean, atmosphere and land.