GM2.8/CL5.15/CR4.7/SSP1.4GM2.8/ CL5.15/ CR4.7/ SSP1.4

Novel Applications of Cosmogenic Nuclides (co-organized) 
Convener: Duna Roda-Boluda  | Co-conveners: Sébastien Carretier , Mitch D'Arcy , Maarten Lupker , Stefanie Tofelde 
Cosmogenic nuclides are a well-established technique for quantifying erosion rates and landform exposure ages over timescales of 10^2 – 10^5 yrs. Recently, the development of new approaches, new isotopic systems, and the combination of cosmogenic nuclides with other techniques, are expanding the range of applications of cosmogenic nuclides. This session explores these novel applications, which include the study of erosional processes, sediment provenance, burial and transport times, deglaciation histories, landscape dynamics, and/or the examination of potential biases in cosmogenic nuclide data. We also welcome studies that use cosmogenic nuclides to quantify denudation rates or exposure ages with original approaches and/or generic implications. We encourage studies that combine cosmogenic nuclides with other techniques (e.g. OSL, thermochronology, etc.) or data sets (e.g. field, remote sensing, numerical modelling), and/or highlight the latest developments and open questions in the application of cosmogenic nuclides.

Invited speaker: Kristina Hippe