SSS6.1/BG2.29/HS8.3.17SSS6.1/ BG2.29/ HS8.3.17

Bridging between soil biologists, chemists and physicists – in understanding soil structure, function and ecosystem services (co-organized) 
Convener: Lily Pereg  | Co-conveners: Taru Sandén , Brigitta Toth , Karen Vancampenhout 
Soil structure, function and ecosystem service is discussed within each discipline: soil biology, chemistry and physics and it is recognised that each one of these soil properties has great importance in determining the overall soil health and characteristics. Moreover, there is an interrelationship between soil biota and the chemical and physical properties of the soil. For example, soil chemical composition can influence the survival of organisms in the soil and in return soil organisms may change soil pH, aggregate stability and rate of organic matter decomposition. Despite sessions and discussions within each discipline, there is very little talk between disciplines and one of the main reasons is the difficulties of the members of one discipline to understand the jargon used by another.
The aim of this session is to bring experts and ECS from the three disciplines to present on soil structure, function and ecosystem services where the only rule is that jargon is not allowed! Our main objective is to facilitate discussion and feed information between the soil biology, chemistry and physics disciplines.