TS6.4/GD5.7/GMPV7.26/SM1.25/SSP3.30TS6.4/ GD5.7/ GMPV7.26/ SM1.25/ SSP3.30

Breaking and moving plates apart: linking plate kinematics to lithospheric processes and paleogeography (co-organized) 
Convener: Gianluca Frasca  | Co-conveners: Christopher Jackson , Marta Pérez-Gussinyé , Joanne Whittaker , Simon Williams 
What controls lithosphere evolution during extension? Is lithosphere extension linked to palaeo-oceanography and biogeochemical cycles? The aim of this session is to investigate diverging systems over a wide range of spatial and temporal scales, and at all stages in the life cycle of divergent plate boundaries including continental rifting, mantle exhumation and seafloor spreading.
A special emphasis will be given to
(1) studies that couple lithospheric deformation models to plate kinematics, and that integrate possibly the role of serpentinisation and/or magmatism in the models.
(2) paleogeographic reconstructions revealing the influence of sedimentation and lithosphere structure evolution on biogeochemical cycles and oceanographic circulation at regional and global scales.
(3) contributions that elucidate extensional modes through the interplay between tectonic structures, magmatism and the stratigraphic record using field, petrological and seismic data and that aim at a better understanding of distinctive plate kinematic settings.