ITS4.6/CL3.09/ERE1.7/NH1.39ITS4.6/ CL3.09/ ERE1.7/ NH1.39

Evaluating climate systems and economic impacts using econometrics and process-based models. (co-organized) 
Convener: Luke Jackson  | Co-conveners: Sam Heft-Neal , Felix Pretis , David Stainforth 
Estimating the impact of climate change on both the natural and socio-economic environment plays an important role in informing a range of national and international policies, including energy, agriculture and health.

The methods used to evaluate this impact include econometrics and process-based models. These methods allow for the exploration of anthropogenic impact upon climate and vice versa and improved understanding of the drivers of climate change by addressing problems often neglected in traditional time series analysis, from spurious correlations to the detection of changes in trends. Furthermore, recent work in econometrics provides a useful counterpoint to process-based models, thus they may be seen as complimentary.

We invite research on both the application of these methods to physical climate and climate-economic problems including the associated policy implications, and new developments in econometric or impact modelling.