Geomagnetic measurements as a useful tool for space weather
Convener: Roberta Tozzi | Co-conveners: Georgios Balasis, Paola De Michelis
| Mon, 08 Apr, 14:00–15:45
PICO spot 1

The Earth system responds to perturbations of solar origin with sudden and intense variations of the geomagnetic field observed, for instance, during geomagnetic storms and substorms. These variations can give origin to geomagnetically induced currents that can represent a hazard for ground-based critical infrastructures.
Geomagnetic measurements, both from ground-based observatories and satellites, have a twofold role in the space weather framework. One is in the quantification of ground effects due to space weather events. The other is in gaining a more and more accurate knowledge of the sources, both internal and external, of the geomagnetic field. Indeed, an accurate separation of the geomagnetic field contributions is of central importance for the development of tools and methods aimed at reliably monitoring and forecasting space weather effects. In this session, we encourage submissions from those involved in investigations that emphasize the role of satellite and ground-based geomagnetic field measurements as a tool to gain advances in space weather research.