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EOS – Education and Outreach Sessions

Programme group chairs: Mioara Mandea, Chris King (deceased)



Over two and a half days, the 2018-GIFT Workshop will explore a major theme of our geological past, through topical presentations from scientists at the cutting-edge of research, together with hands-on teaching activities, following the tradition of GIFT workshops.

Convener: Chris King (deceased)(deceased) | Co-conveners: Friedrich Barnikel, Francesca Cifelli, Francesca Funiciello, Annegret Schwarz
Mon, 08 Apr, 08:30–12:30, 14:00–18:00
Room L4/5, Tue, 09 Apr, 08:30–10:15, 10:45–12:30, 14:00–18:00
Room L4/5, Wed, 10 Apr, 08:30–12:30
Room L4/5

Different classroom experiments will be presented relative to the programme of the GIFT workshop for teachers. Teachers will be split in two groups with two different topics for the hands-on.

Convener: Jean Luc Berenguer | Co-conveners: Francesca Cifelli, Chris King (deceased)(deceased)
Mon, 08 Apr, 10:45–12:30, 14:00–18:00
Room 0.16

This poster session presents novel approaches and new ideas for students and young people to appreciate the importance of science in their daily life. Teachers and educators need their knowledge base regularly updated with tools that will help their students critically evaluate scientific information transmitted via the media. The higher education system needs strategies to attract future scientists from across the globe to study the Earth’s atmosphere, geosphere, biosphere, cryosphere and hydrosphere, and scientists from all disciplines need guidance on how best to interact with schools so their contributions can be valued.

Convener: Eve Arnold | Co-conveners: Friedrich Barnikel, Francesca Cifelli, Stephen Macko, Phil Smith
| Attendance Tue, 09 Apr, 14:00–18:00
Hall X4